Emilia’s emotional message after making history: “I am a girl who was greatly underestimated”

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Emily He is experiencing one of his most exciting professional stages. After the release of his new studio album .mp3, Argentina has become the soundtrack of thousands and thousands of people around the world. In fact, it has filled with nostalgia generations who experienced very closely the limited use of SMS, the purchase of CDs and the excitement of going to the newsstand and getting the latest issue of their favorite magazine to hang the new XXL poster that includes . In short, the concept of Emilia’s new project is very well defined.

But what is a studio album release without a good live performance?? To live the .mp3 experience to the fullest, the Argentine has announced a tour of no more and no less than ten concerts in her native country, in Uruguay and in Paraguay to offer shows full of rhythms and a lot of emotion. Well then. The artist It didn’t take long for the tickets to sell out. of each and every one of these concerts, thus demonstrating that she is one of the greatest references on the urban music scene internationally.

Letting herself be carried away by emotion, our protagonist wanted to thank her fans for their support with a beautiful message that shows her most sensitive side. “Thank you for choosing me, thank you for identifying with my music… I work non-stop because I love giving you my heart and my soul in every project I do for you. All my life I saw my parents work tirelessly and strive to achieve everything they wanted. proposed, they are my greatest example. I am a girl from the interior who was greatly underestimated, and I hope that my story is useful for all the dreamers who are in their rooms with their guitars wanting to succeed and that their sacrifice and talent is recognized. love! Always fight for what you long for. SEE YOU ON THE .MP3 TOUR”says.

As expected, the networks have been filled with beautiful messages from their fans responding to the gratitude of their favorite artist. Messages that show that the relationship that exists between the two is pure and healthy. “Thank you for your music, you deserve all the good things that are happening to you and more, we are very proud of you,” says one. “I love you with all my heart, Emilia,” adds another.

Besides, Tini couldn’t help but celebrate the good news of the massive sold out of her tour. “I love you so much, my friend,” she says, to which Emilia proposes that they perform La Original together on stage. “ssssiiiiiiIiIiIIIiIiii iiiiiiiii,” Triple T responds. It’s going to be a moment!


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