Estopa, Rigoberta Bandini, Julieta Venegas and Saiko prepare for Christmas Eve with their new songs

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This December 22, many are in luck. Not only because we welcome the weekend, but because in Spain the Christmas Lottery draw is being held, which will distribute many euros throughout the country.

But music lovers also have another reason to celebrate this day. The musical news of the week is here! If on December 15 it was Karol G, Bad Gyal, Lali and Lola Índigo who filled the list of new releases with Girl Power, get ready for what’s coming. Hit play!

Friday December 22

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TowLa Rumba Del Pescaílla. The Muñoz brothers, who are in luck after the great reception of their tour marking the 25th anniversary of their career, have released their most heartfelt tribute to El Pescaílla, a reference in Catalan rumba. In fact, this song is the first one they have released in this language and, as it could not be otherwise, it is starring the sounds of this genre of very happy rhythms. The song will be part of his next album estopy.

Rigoberta Bandini, Julieta VenegasWhat difference does it make. “It is a letter to all of them, a dose of courage to show and explain ourselves exactly as we are, without fear of the other person leaving,” explains Rigoberta about this collaboration. She also claims that they wrote it together on the couch of the apartment she rented and that it was a meeting full of laughter and complicity. “The song aims to claim a little the right to be ridiculous. We are all ridiculous and at the same time wonderful,” adds the artist.

SaikoXxx_Rosario_xxX. The artist is in luck. His new EP has seen the light Leaving the planet, whose songs have been seeing the light throughout this last week. The last song to arrive is this one that we mentioned, which brings some reggaeton sounds that will become the soundtrack of the dance floor. Unstoppable urban rhythms!

Anuel AADim Lights. After starring in a saga of tiraeras with Arcángel, the Puerto Rican has returned to digital platforms with a reggaeton song that marks one of the most anticipated returns for lovers of urban sounds. In the purest style of disco-breaker Anuel!

LIT Killah facetime. The Argentine has returned for Christmas with a song whose lyrics speak of a story of desperation to be with the person he is in love with. Although it has touches of urban sounds, it comes with a slow rhythm that has nothing to do with the reggaeton that he has offered us in some of his releases. The vocals in the chorus of his chorus are, without a doubt, one of the key elements of this release.

Mikel ErentxunWithout you it’s not Christmas. What are these dates without the Christmas carols of your favorite artists? For the more Classic, Mikel brings a ballad that, unlike the Christmas carols we are used to, comes with sad lyrics that talk about being far from that person you love.

The Yakis, Sergio Ramos – Do not contradict me. It is nothing new that the Sevilla Fútbol Club footballer is a lover of flamenco. What not everyone knew was his role as a singer, and to demonstrate it he has joined the group of this genre. An unexpected collaboration in which Ramos participates in some of his verses with an undoubted feeling that invites us to the party.

Old Morla The Sheet of My Ghosts. The band has returned by surprise with the best Christmas gift for their fans: a new single. And it is the first song they have released since 2021, without taking into account their participation in the soundtrack of Andrea’s Love. In this song, the band faces their fears, inviting us to live with them and dance with said monsters.

Orovega – Buy gold. The artist returns with her EP Businesswhose focus track is the one we mentioned. The song, with urban and flamenco touches, talks about a woman who gets everything except what she really wants: the affection of her lover.


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