EUGENIO SOURNIA is the winner of the XXVI edition of the Ciampi Prize

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Eugenio Sournia is the winner of the XXVI edition of the Award named after Piero Ciampi.

On 16 December, at the Goldoni Theater in Livorno, Eugenio will be awarded both for the National Competition, for his musical proposal of great intensity, and for the best Ciampian cover for the interpretation of “L’ultima volta che la vidi” a song manifesto of Ciampi’s poetics.

It is the first time, in the long history of the event, that an artist has won both prizes.

This is a great recognition for Eugenio who comments as follows: “

I am incredibly proud of this award. Piero Ciampi is an artist who I understood and approached as an adult, perhaps because only then was I able to appreciate his disarming and dramatic truth. As a Livorno, even being compared to such a singer-songwriter is an honor, and I hope that it is the hope of a career equally marked by sincerity in writing and in life”.

Eugenio Sournia made his debut in the world of music with the band Siberia, releasing three albums with them. His first solo project was released on November 17th, an EP entitled “EUGENIO SOURNIA” published by Carosello Records and produced by Emma Nolde. His evocative, poetic and profound writing, which recalls the great classics of the Italian tradition and which is found in the six songs that make up this new chapter of his recording journey born from the need to tell the relationship with the pain that requires, according to Eugenio , to recover its centrality in music and art. The songs are particularly influenced by the relationship with mental health problems and religious experience, but there is no shortage of excursions towards love themes or those more oriented towards social criticism.

With this first solo project of his, Eugenio opens the way to a new recording path which will continue with a tour to present the new work.



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