FABRIZIO DE ANDRÉ: “WAY POINT. WHERE DO YOU COME FROM… WHERE DO YOU GO?” for the 25th anniversary of his death

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“WAY POINT. WHERE DO YOU COME FROM… WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” is the project that will retrace the 25 years of Fabrizio De André, the beloved singer-songwriter (who passed away on 11 January 1999) through his WORDS, his THOUGHT, his VISION and his ‘JOURNS’ which are still present today.

The project, organized by the Fabrizio De André Onlus Foundation and Sony Music Italia, will develop throughout 2024 with various initiatives, aimed at celebrating and passing on to the new generations the artistic and cultural legacy of one of the most followed and influential Italian artists, underlining how the brilliance and depth of his words and his unique vision continue to inspire.


Among the main initiatives is the complete navigation of his discography which includes the re-release of all his studio albums in chronological order throughout the year.


The albums will be reissued in black 180g LP and CD versions, enriched with autograph annotations by Fabrizio De André, thoughts, reflections, comments, extracts from interviews relating to the songs and albums and some unpublished documents preserved at the De André Study Center of the University of the Studies of Siena.

These are the reprints arriving in 2024:

· Volume 1

• We all barely died

• Volume 3

• The good news

• Not to money not to love nor to heaven

• Story of an employee

• Songs

• Volume 8

• Rimini

• Fabrizio De André / The Indian

• Crêuza de mä

• Clouds

• Hello Souls

• Singles

The first 4 discs will be available from February 16th. The pre-order will be active from Thursday 11 January.




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