Fat White Family returns with “Religion For One”

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“You are not the image, not even the frame, just a dog drinking in my reflection.”

After four years, the English rock band Fat White Family is back with a new single. Is about “Religion For One”a track which explores abject narcissism, seen as a unique code of royal conduct; a common theme in contemporary times.

And despite the musical absence, Fat White Family she did not remain inactive, because after the praised album Serfs Up!reimagined The Shawshank Redemption in instagramsupported Liam Gallagher in an epic solo concert at Knebworth and created an evocative short film called Moonbathing in February with shades of Bergman and its leader, Lias Saoudiwho also wrote a best-selling book about the band’s rise to fame titled Fat White Family and the Miracle of Failure.

It is thanks to these creations that in “Religion For One” It tells us about thinly veiled self-interest, a kind of internal asphyxiation that is produced by the outside; As the band itself comments in a statement:

The postmodern condition, post-social media constitutes a complete death of exteriority. We are suffocated by the infinite present. We have exchanged art for art history. Game over. The party is over… NO SURRENDER!”

The song is accompanied by an aesthetically striking and yes, very cinematic video clip. In it Fat White Family portrays corrupt ambition, aesthetic incest, and the history of abstract expressionism. The video was shot in Paris and directed by “The Dream Machine” Michael William West.

Play it and style it new wavereflects on this somewhat irreverent topic.


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