FEDEZ WHAT THE WEATHER LIKE: mental health is an emergency that no one talks about

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Guest of Fabio Fazio, of today’s episode 29 October 2023, of What a time was Fedez on the Nine.

The famous rapper opened up about his experience with his mental health problems. In his speech he asked the government not to cut funding for the psychologist bonus and declared that he will work with his Foundation to open a community center for young people with mental health disorders.

Fedez also spoke about the disease and how the tumor changed his life, making him understand the importance of time and how much a wound needs time to be treated.

Fedez was also moved when Fazio showed the image of Gianluca Vialli:

I see him and I want to cry, it’s surreal because I’ve never seen him in person.”

When I discovered I had pancreatic cancer, the only interview I found regarding this topic was that of Gianluca Vialli. I was very lucky to have some acquaintances in common and the evening before I was hospitalized we spoke on the phone for many hours. It’s incredible how a person, who was experiencing a tragedy, took the time to give comfort to a person he didn’t know at all. This says a lot about who Gianluca was on a human level.”

On the topic of Sanremo, Fazio and Fedez have sent the candidacy of Fiorello as host and Fedez as artistic director of Sanremo post Amadeus.

Fedez, one of the most popular protagonists of the Italian music scene with 89 platinum records under his belt and of entertainment, not least this year’s edition of X Factor where he is a judge. The singer has also been involved for years on the civil rights front and in raising funds through the Fedez Foundation for associations and non-profit organizations that deal with health.

Fedez’s latest recording product is this summer’s success “Disco Paradise” with Annalisa and J-Ax. As for an album by him, the last one dates back to 2021 with the release of “Inhuman”.



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