Georgia Euphoric


The world is not pink but not black either, it is a rainbow.

Life is more than a collection of moments, and it is something that Georgia

proves with his third studio album Euphoric. Continuing with her particular line, the multi-instrumentalist engages the audience with pieces that explain the simplicity of things.

A work that reflects the transformation that pop music has undergone in recent years, with synthesizers occupying a large part of the melodies, but with very well-made arrangements coming from techno music, starting with the song “It’s Euphoric” The album opens with a romantic song, remembering moments already lived with the loved one hand in hand with how special they have been, to the point of asking them to continue holding on to what they have no matter what happens.

In a very particular way, production falls into the simplified
turning the sound aspect into something completely digestible, the catchy lyrics and the choruses constantly inviting us to get up to celebrate life, it is a formula that worked perfectly.

Songs like “The Dream” where everything is possible if you put it in your mind and “All Night” with a plea for the night to be eternal so as not to stop dancing with that special person.

In a risky moment, “Give It Up for Love” is presented as a song in which the central character descends in order to rise, making a perfect analogy about letting go of the person you love the most, but without feeling broken, on the contrary, feeling that a weight has been lifted from your shoulders once you have The relationship was no longer to come.

Closing comes with “So What”in a parallel moment that could well be cinematic, it is as if each previous song were memories and in the end the question is latent about the future of the protagonist, which ends up being self-conclusive.

Finally, Euphoricrepresents what it is and the reason why it arises, to demonstrate that the feeling of feeling satisfaction, despite falling into subjectivity, can always be found in the most trivial things in life, it is a constant reminder that we are in today and that is what should be enjoyed.

Throughout the ten songs that live on the album, they form a harmony and coexist in a space in which the structure is similar, without abrupt changes, which works for the conceptual line that is handled.


Written by

Christopher Johnson

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