The Limiñanas release their album, ‘Boom Boom’

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Boom Boom It is available on all platforms streaming and at your favorite record stores.

Pascal Comelade, Lionel Limiñana and Marie Limiñana come together to create what is this new release called Boom Boom. The new recording of this short-lived trio is put together in the midst of riffs, repetitions and melodic sleight of hand that emerge as common sound lines. Boom Boom contains 12 original tracks recorded in early 2023, during a break in their activities as a trio and after their album released in 2022, Le non-sens du rythme.

In that time of pause Comelade collaborated with Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) in the project Velvet Serenade and produced a series of concerts in Lyon for four pianists.

And in turn Lionel and Marie Limiñana For their part, they carried out numerous tours, collaborating in 2021 with Laurent Garnier in the album Movie and recording soundtracks for television series and films.

In this album the keyboards of Comeladeare complemented by equally hypnotic guitar riffs enhanced by some unique Barcelona soloists such as: Xarim Areste and Lalo Lopez and Ivan Telefunken the latter a veteran of the Bel Canto Orchestra of Comelade and live guitarist The Limiñanas. Other collaborators within this production are Marc Hurtadocollaborator of Alan Vega and Lydia Lunch member of Etants Donnés on the other hand there is also Mark Cunningham by the New York no-wave band Mars performing some of the vocal parts on the album.

As for the lyrics of the songs, “End of the World” It is a predadaist poem Jakob Van Hoddis (1887-1942), “Cooking” It is a poem in the imaginary language of Majorcan Jacob Sureda (1901-1935) and they also decided to add the phrase of Marcel Duchamp “My niece is cold because my knees are cold” as the title of your song “Ceci is a magnetic enregistrement.”

The 12 themes Boom Boom are written and co-produced between Pascal Comelade and Leonel Limiñana who play almost all instruments, where we find: pianos, electric organs, violins, accordions, melodicas, guitars, basses, etc. and in turn Marie Limiñana He is in charge of the percussions and drums on the album and the album cover is a work of the artist Claudia Comelade.

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