‘Getting It Back: The Story Of Cymande’, an untold story

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“The best band you’ve never heard of.”

Cymande is one of the best bands that you may have heard little about, will release their film on February 13 Getting It Back: The Story Of Cymande; and this peculiar band from the 70s, formed in London by musicians and artists from Jamaica and former English Guiana, combined jazz, funk, soul, Afrotropical and calypso rhythms to give life to a sound like no other; meditative and danceable. However, despite the messages of peace and impact of their music, during those racially turbulent times, they were received with indifference, which generated disillusionment in the group to finally make the decision to disband.

Getting It Back: The Story Of Cymande, is his incredible untold story. Led by Patrick Patterson (guitar) and Steve Scipio (bass), they created music with political and spiritual themes, all full of peace and love, with a dove being the representative symbol of the band and the message they spread. Illustrated with archival footage, the story of these unsung heroes is told on screen through new interviews with the original members of the band filmed over two years.

More than a music film, it is a story of adaptation, racism, survival, aging and revitalization. The dove continued to spread the message of Cymandecaptivating people with their music everywhere, thanks to new generations of artists like Soul II Soul and Mark Ronsonwho reissued the band’s pioneering sounds in new forms, prompting the band’s return to playing and recording this film after forty years.

The premiere of this documentary will be on February 13 in British Film Institute From london. The event will feature a question and answer session as well as an after-party. Tickets can be reserved starting today, through the page British Film Institute or on the page Cymande.

We leave you the trailer of this documentary ¡Dale Play!


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