VASCO BRONDI “A sign of life” the first single from the album out in March (Listen to the song)

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A sign of life is the title of Vasco Brondi’s first single, a song that anticipates and gives the title to the new recording project coming out in March and to the 12-date tour that will start in April.

This is a long-awaited return, three years after “Paesaggio Dopo La Battaglia”, the first album that Vasco Brondi had published under his own name after the conclusion of the Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica project.


Vasco Brondi says:

“A sign of life” is a noisy prayer dedicated to this complex present, set in a landscape of bombings and cities devastated by climate change. Discover the first shoots that grow in Hiroshima after the atomic bomb, the flowers that also grow in the desert. Trying to glimpse the future, as in the prophecies, the rain that makes the roads disappear, the plain that will become a forest again. The chant of human beings, build and destroy and then rebuild.
As Calvino wrote, “now more than ever it is important to seek and know how to recognize who and what, in the midst of hell, is not hell, and to make it last, and to give it space.”



5 April LIVORNO The Cage
April 11 RONCADE New Age
12 April BOLOGNA Estragon
14 April MILAN Magazzini Generali – SOLD OUT
16 April ROME Largo Venue – SOLD OUT
April 17 ROME Largo Venue – NEW DATE
April 18 NAPLES Duel
19 April COSENZA Unical
April 24 SENIGALLIA Mamamia
April 26 PERUGIA Urban
7 May TURIN Hiroshima
8 May MILAN Magazzini Generali – NEW DATE



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