Gisela announces her pregnancy at 44 years old

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Baby in sight! Singer Gisela has announced that she is pregnant with her first child. She has done it exclusively to Hola magazine in an interview in which she tells of the entire ordeal she has gone through to be able to become a mother.

The 44-year-old Catalan and her husband Jose Angel Ortega They found out the good news in the month of August, but it was not until now that they wanted to make it official and tell it to the whole world. Although having a child can be the most wonderful thing in the world for all those who have the desire to become parents.

In the case of GiselaAccording to her own account, it has been a process “very long, very hard, very difficult emotionally, above all. And physically, too.” The singer has been very generous in talking about a problem that affects many women when looking for a baby, but that very few people dare to talk about publicly.

“At first, I tried it naturally, but I had two abortions and… it didn’t work. So, my partner and I began to consider looking for other alternatives because, with age, an abortion also means a whole recovery process… They recommended we start an in vitro fertilization process. The pandemic came and the issue dragged on… It was difficult. I had to do five stimulations, That is also a process involving a lot of hormones, with many punctures…, in which your body undergoes many changes. AND From all that process I only had one viable embryo left.. Go figure. So, we went for that one, which is this one that is right here kicking around right now,” said the participant of Triumph operation.

It is a fact that within the world of medicine, women’s bodies are less studied and less explored than men’s bodies. He has recognized the same Gisela in the interview: “I think that from the world of motherhood, obstetrics, gynecology… we lack information”.

The Catalan has also told how this entire process has become much more complicated by suffering two miscarriages and having to undergo surgery. “When the second comes (abortion), there That’s when you get really scared. It’s the second time, there is no reason, they don’t know why it happens to you… In fact, when I had the detachment, they don’t know why and there is no treatment,” he confessed. Gisela who has also told all the fear that this situation has entailed, since “it was not a spontaneous abortion either. It was an abortion with which I had to go into the operating room, with all that it implies. In addition to total sedation.”

Although they do not yet know the sex of the baby, they do know the expected delivery date: “will arrive in April. It will be Aries, very stubborn!”

The relationship with her husband José

The husband of Gisela He has lived this entire process closely with his wife, from whom he has not been separated for a single moment in recent months. The singer has told how much she has supported him not only mentally but also with medical treatments, even acting as a nurse.

We have gone hand in hand in the broadest sense of the term. She has taken care of me as much as she can, supporting me emotionally, encouraging me… and also poking me when she had to prick me.”

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In addition, she has described her husband as “very hard-working. He is a good person, which is the most important thing, and generous and familiar. I think it’s going to be a great time, because he loves children. He almost liked the idea of ​​being a father more than me. In fact, he was the one who encouraged me.”

future mom

Gisela admitted that in her future role as a mother she sees herself “paranoid, stressed, very worried (laughs). I am the most worried person in the world. I have to control everything. I am very tidy. “I would like not to be a controlling mother, but to have everything under control.”

To conclude, she dedicated these beautiful words to her baby: “May he always be himself, may he treat others as he would like them to treat him, may he be empathetic, strong. and… I hope luck is with you in your life.”


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