TAYLOR SWIFT beats PAUSINI and conquers the top of the Italian album and vinyl charts

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New number one for the classifica Italian album Top Of The Music by Fimi-Gfk debuting at the top is “1989 (TAYLOR’S VERSION)” by TAYLOR SWIFT.

Swift is positioned in front of another new entry or the new album “PARALLEL SOULS” by LAURA PAUSINI.

For Swift, this is an unprecedented achievement, being the first album “(Taylor’s version)” to achieve this result, and ranking as the first international female artist to reach the top in 2023.

Since 2004, since 2004, Pausini debuted at number one in the Italian album charts. In fact, he reached the summit in 2008 – Spring in advance, 2011 – Inedito, 2015 – Similar and in 2018 – Make yourself heard.

Last week’s number one KOLKATA with his new album “RELAX” instead it drops to number three in the Italian album charts.

Among the new entries at number four we find the album of the same name by VILLABANKS, at seven”NO REGULAR MUSIC” of the producers SADTURS & KIID and at nine “DANSE MACABRE” by DURAN DURAN.

Outside the top ten at forty-two are the SIMPLE MINDS with “NEW GOLD DREAM – LIVE FROM PAISLEY ABBEY” at seventy-four “SEVENTEEN 11TH MINI ALBUM ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN’” by SEVENTEEN at ninety-five”WHO WE USED TO BE” by JAMES BLUNT and at number one hundred “MUSIC IS OVER” by MOTTA.


It remains at number one among the singles EVERYDAY by TAKAGI & KETRA FEAT. SHIVA, ANNA & GEOLIER in front of CI’M TELLING YOU TO DO IT
ANGELINA MANGO which recovers two positions in the singles rankings.


Same situation as the albums for the vinyl chart with 1989 (TAYLOR’S VERSION) by TAYLOR SWIFT an the number one ahead of PARALLEL SOULS by LAURA PAUSINI.


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