GOSSIP why “REAL POWER” will be a great album? (Watch the video for the new single)

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“REAL POWER” is the title of the new GOSSIP album! out March 22nd. Cult band from the early 2000s that had inaugurated the indie sleaze movement and brought queer politics to the fore by addressing, with the group’s leader Beth Ditto, the question of the body.

After ten years of silence, here they are back with a super recording project that sees the reunion with the renowned producer Rick Rubinwhich spearheaded 2009’s hit album “Music For Men.”

Urged by Rubin himself, the band began recording the new album “Real Power” in 2019, after completing the “Music For Men” 10th anniversary tour.

Recorded at Rubin’s home studio on Kauai, the recording process was temporarily interrupted by the pandemic and resumed when restrictions ended.
The result is an 11-track celebration of the powerful force of music, the joy of creative expression, and the power of chosen family in the wake of collective and personal trauma.

The single was released a few weeks ago to anticipate the album Crazy Again and a few days ago the new song, the title track of the album.

Get ready for the bomb!!!


“Real Power” is about how incredible our city is and how it has truly risen to the occasion – says Beth Ditto –

The system was being reorganized and we were forcing people to realize this at a time when the same system could literally make you sick, during a pandemic.

This is real power: people coming together by making the decision to take to the streets.”


The video clip, directed by the renowned audio-visual artist, is also online Cody Critcheloe aka SSION who took care of the entire creative side of the album, which pays homage to the live shows that made the band known throughout the world.

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests in Beth Ditto’s hometown of Portland and around the world, “Real Power” is a cry of rebellion and a hymn to the full awareness of one’s power. A true celebration of personal action in the face of extremely volatile times, the track is packed with powerful riffs and tenacious dance beats that, ignited by Beth’s soulful vocals, perfectly reproduce Gossip’s classic dance-punk sound.



01 Act Of God
02 Real Power
03 Don’t Be Afraid
04 Crazy Again
05 Edge Of The Sun
06 Give It Up For Love
07 Turn The Card
08 Tell Me Something
09 Light It Up
10 Tough
11 Peace and Quiet


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