Grand Corps Malade unveils “Autoreflets”: an intimate title that alludes to his accident

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Grand Corps Malade presented its new album, “Reflets”, on Friday October 20. The opportunity to learn more about the thoughts and career of the slammer, particularly in his title “Autoreflets”.

Three years after the incredible success of “Mesdames”, Grand Corps Malade is back with a solo album entitled “Reflets”. Fabien Marsaud does not hesitate to confide in his private life in very intimate titles such as “Autoreflets” in which he draws his self-portrait to a melody created by his sidekick, the DJ Quentin Mosimann.

Father, man in love, suburbanite, poet… Fabien Marsaud describes what represents him through a powerful text. Grand Corps Malade also does not hesitate to mention his disability through these words: “My rhymes are in the open, my silhouette is a little wobbly. To keep the team free, I hold on to my vocal cords.”

Punchy sentences that he “really like” as he confided in an interview for the Swiss media “Le Matin”: “I bring little touches of everything that represents me today and my journey (…) I allude to my crutch, my imbalance, my accident and the importance of music. »

Grand Corps Malade has been quadriplegic since an accident on July 16, 1997. At the dawn of his 20s, while working as a leader in a summer camp, he dove into a swimming pool whose water level is too low. After three months in a coma, his body was paralyzed. Thanks to his unfailing determination and months of intensive rehabilitation, Fabien Marsaud partially regained the use of his legs in 1999.

Grand Corps Malade pays tribute to the battered of life

Among the twelve pieces of this new opus, “Reflets”, Grand Corps Malade once again refers to this episode of his life on the title “The Day After”, which has the theme of life’s casualties.

I wanted to pay tribute to these people who are fighting. Who did not choose to be heroes, but who demonstrate heroic courage. », he declares to “La Voix du Nord” about this moving piece.


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