“Hey Gen Z! You won’t believe why it’s 2LATE for Nelick 😱 Click now to find out!”.


Nelick makes a refined comeback, as usual. On Tuesday, January 23rd, he released the single “2LATE” along with its music video.

Having stood out since the beginning of his career, Nelick is known for his originality and his definition of colorful and festive rap in the French music scene. With a strong and committed fanbase, the artist from Champigny-sur-Marne is looking to shed his rookie status at 26 years old.

A few months after the re-release of “Vanille Fraise (Supplément Chantilly),” Nelick returns with the single “2LATE.” Over a funky beat by Kofi Bae and Vivienne, Nelick delivers sunny flows and self-deprecating punchlines.

In the visual directed by Juliette, Charlotte Castay, and the artist himself, Nelick becomes an exile from society, found in a countryside cabin by one of his close friends, looking unrecognizable with a large beard and a questionable outfit. “2LATE” depicts the struggle Nelick faces every time he has to choose an outfit for a party, making for an effective and offbeat music video.

As a reminder, Nelick will be performing at La Cigale in Paris on October 3rd, 2024..

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