SANREMO 2024: The most listened to songs and artists in the last year according to SPOTIFY

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Spotify reveals the most listened to Sanremo songs and artists in the last year.


The Festival, today more than ever, represents the trends of the Italian music scene, offering the stage to the performances of many of the artists most listened to on Spotify by different generations of fans. The rapper Geolier, for example, who with “I’m for me, you’re for you” will tell the story of the end of a love, he was the second most listened to artist in Italy in 2023, contributing to the consecration of the Neapolitan rap scene.

However, among the most listened to there are also representatives of very different genres, such as Annalisa, Gazzelle, Rose Villain and Fred De Palma. Special mention for Ricchi E Poveri, who are the artists currently with the most monthly listeners on the platform, a good part of which come from abroad! Below is the complete list of the 10 most listened to competing artists in 2023 in Italy.


  1. Geolier
  2. Annalisa
  3. Gazelles
  4. Irama
  5. Rose Villain
  6. Mr. Rain
  7. Ghali
  8. Alpha
  9. Fred De Palma
  10. Emma


The Festival is not just a cultural mirror, but a social phenomenon that can be seen on TV, commented on on social media and listened to on Spotify, marking the charts for several months.

This is the case, for example, of “CENERE” by Lazza, second place in the last edition, and the most listened to song of 2023 on Spotify in Italy with over 117 million plays. Lazza’s debut at position 40 on Spotify’s global daily chart was also the highest among the songs of Sanremo 2023. And “SUPEREROI” by Mr. Rain and “TANGO” by Tananai also marked the past year, in ninth and tenth position respectively among the most listened to in Italy. Below is the complete list of the 10 songs from the past edition most listened to in 2023 in Italy.


  1. “ASH” by Lazza
  2. “TANGO” by Tananai
  3. “SUPERHEROES” by Mr. Rain
  4. “Two Lives” by Marco Mengoni
  5. “THE GOOD IN EVIL” by Madame
  6. “Two” by Elodie
  7. “MADE IN ITALY” by Rosa Chemical
  8. “Duemilaminuti” by Mara Sattei
  9. “Alba” by Ultimo
  10. “THE FAREWELL” by Coma_Cose


Starting today, a special user experience entitled “What Sanremo song are you?” is also available on the Spotify app. (at this link or via the search bar in the app “What a Sanremo song you are?”).

It’s a game to find out if Spotify users are really Sanremo lovers.
How does it work? Through a three-question quiz and the analysis of personal music listening data, each user will be able to discover their percentage of ‘Sanremo Love’. Each percentage will be associated with Sanremo songs from the past, in line with its listening data. At the end of the quiz, a card will be generated that can be shared on social media.


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