How much is Bad Bunny’s “heart” worth?

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Bad Bunny has once again occupied the covers of all the media and the charts after the release of his album Nobody Knows What’s Going To Happen Tomorrow. The return of the Bad Rabbit has been one of the musical milestones of 2023, which has caused thousands and thousands of people to turn its new tracklist into the soundtrack of their daily lives.

But the Puerto Rican has shown that not only music is the protagonist of his life. So are business. In factin August 2022 opened a restaurant, Gekko, in Miami with businessman Dave Grutman. There have been many reviews that have been published on social networks and they make it clear that this Japanese food grill has earned the affection of many of its visitors.

Well then. Now the restaurant’s menu has temporarily launched a dessert titled “The Heart of Bad Bunny”which is shaped like the mythical heart on the cover of A Summer Without You. Only those who visit the restaurant during Miami Art Week from December 6 to the 10th of the same month will be able to taste it. Its price is 45 dollars. “The Heart of Bad Bunny is a Thai Tea Crunch chocolate bar layered with crunchy chocolate, Cremieux and Thai Tea Bavarian served on a turntable”describes the restaurant.

Bad Bunny’s Heart, dessert at Gekko

In addition to being temporarily available, this off-menu dessert will have limited availability each day, since they will make a certain quantity.

A star on stage

As we mentioned, the Puerto Rican is a true music star. In recent days he has also become news for his surprise appearance at Eladio Carrión’s concert in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). He accompanied his friend and partner to perform together Kemba Walker and Thunder and Lightningas well as Monacoone of the hits that has starred in this latest musical era of the artist.

And you, would you be able to pay 45 dollars for “El Corazón de Bad Bunny”?


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