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With pandemic emotions and current reflections, the Chilean singer presents his thirteenth studio album.

This 2023, Quique Neira He closes his successful three-decade musical career with a flourish, releasing his most recent work, The Reguero. Composed of 10 captivating songs, this album captures the essence of a Quique Neira which, with 50 years of life, reflects his rich musical and personal career.

The launch of The Reguero marks a milestone in the career of Neira. This album not only represents his artistic evolution but also his deep connection to the crucial moments of the pandemic. Music, according to the artist, has been his balm and, through these 10 compositions, he shares his unique perspective on life, society and reality. The Reguero It is not only a testimony of their experiences and emotions, but also a sample of their harmony with current reality.

From his first successes as “Happiness” to the contemporary reflections of “The King of Networks” and the ode to nature in “To love is”, Quique Neira has evolved over time. In the first single, she questions the impact of social media, while in the second she pays tribute to kindness and love.

With 30 years of career, Quique Neira is a survivor of the music industry, adapting to technological changes and emerging as an independent artist.

His connection with the Mexican public is palpable, and the launch of The Reguero It is a gift to his followers, it is an opportunity to share new musical experiences and exciting compositions.

Quique Neira with The Regueronot only celebrates its rich history, but also looks to the future, ready to conquer hearts and ears with its unmistakable reggae style.


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