How’s Young Thug’s process going?


How’s Young Thug’s process going?

Young Thug, 32, is one of the most innovative and influential artists in the music industry, winning the Grammy for “Song of the Year” in 2019 for co-writing the song “This is America” with The Infantile Gambino and Ludwig Göransson collaborated with many prominent artists and influenced contemporary culture not only on a musical level, but also in terms of image.

He is currently on trial and, under the RICO law, is accused of being the leader of a criminal street gang. Over the course of his detention, several defendants in his own case have accepted plea deals, including Gunna, while others have had their cases separated from his trial.

Young Thug also faces drug and weapons charges stemming from a search of his home. He has been kept behind bars since his arrest and released his latest album, “Business is Business,” from prison over the summer.

On Monday (Nov. 27), prosecutors laid out the case against members of YSL, alleging that Young Thug’s label, Young Stoner Life Records, or YSL, was actually an Atlanta-based criminal street gang guilty of armed robbery, hijacking, motor vehicle theft, possession of a machine gun and murder. All members of the gang answered to Young Thug, defined as the “proclaimed leader” of the group, as he was defined by Fulton County Chief Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love.

They created a crater in the middle of the Cleveland Avenue community in Fulton County that sucked the youth, innocence and even life out of some of its youngest members“Love said.

Defense attorneys concluded their opening statements Tuesday evening (Nov. 28) and prosecutors are expected to begin presenting their case with testimony today (Wednesday, Nov. 29).

In his opening statements, Steel, one of Thugger’s attorneys, laid out Young Thug’s life story for jurors, saying the rapper grew up in poverty in Atlanta with his 10 siblings, often sharing clothes with them to give the impression that he could afford more clothes. He focused his talent and work ethic on finding success as a rapper and promised that if he succeeded, he would help everyone close to him.

The nickname “Young Thug” comes from Tupac’s song “PYT (Playa Young Thugs)” and stands for “Truly Humble Under God,” said Steel, who pointed out that the rapper’s Young Stoner Life record label was a reference to Yves Saint Laurent fashion line, whose acronym YSL was emblazoned on his favorite skinny pants.

Steel reviewed and rejected each of the indictment’s “overt facts” accusing Young Thug of wrongdoing and said there was no evidence to support the rapper’s involvement in the crimes he is charged with.

He said prosecutors and police had “targeted” him, turning his charitable work for his neighborhood into an alleged conspiracy. For example, prosecutors said Young Thug rented a car later used by YSL members in a murder. However, Steel said the rapper was always renting cars for people and had no control over their use.

Prosecutors repeatedly referenced Young Thug’s songs, highlighting lyrics that Love said “had a very disturbing meaning” to real-life crimes, but Steel countered that the lyrics are simply an art form. and not a confession of any crime.

He is not the leader of a conspiracy. He is not involved in a conspiracy. They’re just songs“, he said.

Speaking of songs, Thug’s lawyer claimed that the beef with YFN Lucci was just a way to help Lucci get exposure.

Last year, Young Thug collaborated with Future and Gunna on the song “pushin P,” which went viral. Thug’s lawyer, speaking about the song, tried to explain what Pushin P meant, claiming that it means Pushin Positivity (literally pushing positivity).

Other defendants are currently facing RICO charges, namely Marquavius ​​Huey, Deamonte Kendrick, Quamarvious Nichols, Rodalius Ryan and Shannon Stillwell. Speaking about the trial, one of the lawyers for the other five defendants said “this is not justice, this is a circus.”

Another pointed out that the prosecution was trying to confuse and distract the jury “like a bad magic trick.”

In their opening statements, several defense lawyers criticized the prosecution’s approach to the trial, which is expected to last months and could include hundreds of witnesses.

Young Thug’s lawyers say the prosecution is misrepresenting both the evidence they have and the lyrics of the rapper’s songs.

One of Young Thug’s lawyers accused prosecutors of misrepresenting evidence and ridiculed the idea that the world-famous, Grammy-winning artist would focus on running a small Atlanta street gang.

He does not run this criminal street gang in the Cleveland Avenue area of ​​’Bleveland’, to obtain property, money or power. Jeffery Williams achieved it with will, hard work and determination without the help of anyone except the people of that area who he will never turn his back on“lawyer Brian Steel told jurors.

He’s not sitting there telling people to kill people“Steel added. “He doesn’t need their money. Jeffery is worth tens of millions of dollars”.


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