“I talk a little more with”: Pierre Garnier close to another student since his Star Ac’ victory

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During a recent interview with Télé Star, Pierre Garnier revealed that he had a great bond with another “Star Academy” candidate since his victory.

Almost a week after his victory at the “Star Academy”, the Pierre Garnier mania continues. This Wednesday, February 7, the winner of the talent show surpassed one million subscribers on Instagram in the WECB studios. “ I just landed. I don’t realize yet, it’s as if I’m seeing another person who isn’t me yet. I need to take a little rest and step back to realize, I think », he confided in Louis’ show. A new life that the 21-year-old Norman is living at 100 miles an hour. Fortunately, he can always count on the support of former students.

We are all very close. This adventure brought us all closer together, we are a family, so I talk a little with everyone “, he recently told Télé Star. A revelation which seems obvious as the good atmosphere reigned between the candidates at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. However, Pierre admits to having created an even stronger bond with one of them. “ As I came out at the same time as Julien, we do pretty much the same things at the same time, so we help each other a lot. We try to do this together, so even if I talk a little with everyone, I talk a little more with Julien at the moment. “, he reveals.

The two former “Star Academy” finalists will continue to support each other for a while yet. On March 9, Pierre and Julien will go on tour throughout France with their former comrades, including Héléna, Lénie, Axel, Djebril and Candice.


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