Interview – ANNALISA: I have raised my game and sing as I think


“AND THEN WE FINISHED IN THE VORTICE” is the title of Annalisa’s new album, her eighth album, the follow-up to “Naked” of 2020.

Three years of work and music that led Annalisa to become the queen of Italian pop. A resounding success that consecrated her to the top of the radio and sales charts and earned her 8 Platinum Records with her last three hits, the only woman in 3 years to reach No. 1 in the official Fimi / Gfk charts .

After Beautiful, My love and the latest single Lonely girlAnnalisa is ready to tell her story further and show new parts of herself.

We met her in Milan a few days before the release of her long-awaited comeback record.

Because then we’re finished
Inside the vortex happy
Which enlightens us
The room is fuchsia
We are no longer in the hotel
But among the strawberries


Success did not come suddenly and by chance.
It was the fruit of work over recent years to build a complex project.
We have taken one step at a time in becoming, in continuous construction.
Last year there was an acceleration, a perfect fit and from Beautiful we’ve shifted into another gear!


Without a doubt I have a sense of responsibility regarding the release of the album.
I want not to disappoint all my fans and my work team.
My character leads me to a constant struggle with my expectations and the more successful I am, the greater this responsibility weighs on me.
The result is that I now experience performance anxiety for the album’s release.


In this new phase of mine I tried to combine the vocality, the way of writing, the use of words and the Italian melody with the more international sound world, and electropop, inspired by the eighties.
On the one hand instinct and tradition and on the other always instinct but linked to the desire to do something new.

With Beautiful, which was born a year before its release, at the end of the course of “Nuda”, there was this turning point.


Even in terms of image I wanted to make a change and build something new.
I tried to use the image to give more value to the songs and the sense of history.

With each song I wanted to tell a state of mind that represented the whirlwind of life.
The songs are representative of the emotional phase that is experienced in this vortex: the new beginnings, the restarts, the defeats, the victories and we start again from the beginning.

With Beautiful I wanted to depict the disappointment of a love and understanding why something went wrong.
With My love, instead, with the black helmet, I represent freedom. It is iconic of the free woman, as in the imagination of characters such as Valentina, Nikita, Eva Kant.
In Lonely girl, instead, there is a new conscience and a new awareness that allows you to start again with more strength. The look is that of women in music who represent independence and strength like Madonna and Annie Lennox.

Each of these women is a shade and a different emotional color of who I am. And the journey will continue…


It is undoubtedly an album that looks at clubbing and that dimension. I love the dancefloor and I see a therapeutic effect in club music.
I like to dance, even dancing at home, alone thinking and reflecting on the mistakes I have made in my life!


I would really like to bring my project into English. With this album there is a more concrete possibility of singing it in English.
It opens up so many possibilities but also in Spanish!


I can’t say I don’t think about it. Sanremo is increasingly important. Every year in this period a thought must be given, and it is right, because it is a great opportunity
But you have to deal with the song which is the fundamental thing. If the right, perfect song comes out, maybe I’ll introduce myself. If all these features aren’t there, maybe it’s better not to!


I enter a little into all parts of the compositional process even if the greatest attention and time, during which I lose entire nights and days, is what I dedicate to the words.
The work on the melodies is also very important. The songs have to sound good on me.

On “Nuda” I tried to remove all the artifices that are sometimes used when writing songs
I like to sing as I speak and in this album I tried to raise the bar and sing and write as I think.
My way of writing is like stream of consciousness, it’s all things that happen in the head.


I’ve always ended up in the electro-pop of the eighties.

In those years, I was a child and my parents listened to that music.
When I hear an eighties synth start, it moves some emotional chord in me and this is like feeling at home, safe.


The first Forum will be a great emotion. I’m already at work even though I haven’t officially entered the rehearsal room yet.

It will be something unforgettable and for me it certainly will be, I would like this feeling to be shared by those who will be there.
I would like everything to be congruent and I will try to give the setlist a uniqueness on the sound side.

I wish the Forum would become a giant club and people would dance with tears!


I have always been self-deprecating and light-hearted, I have always tried to play down and take myself less seriously.
I am imperfect, sometimes euphoric, sometimes in the throes of jealousy, sometimes simply not understanding what is happening and giving myself a reason.


Lonely Girl
my love
Coral red
Foam rubber
The Crisis in Saint-Tropez
I’m just telling you
Violent Indigo


These are all the dates of ALL IN THE VORTICE PALASPORT organized and produced by Friends & Partners:

6 April 2024 @FLORENCE – Mandela Forum
10 April 2024 @MILAN – Mediolanum Forum (Assago)
12 April 2024 @BARI – Palaflorio
13 April 2024 @NAPLES – Palapartenope
19 April 2024 @PADOVA – Gran Teatro Geox
21 April 2024 @ROME – Palazzo dello Sport

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