Review: MOTTA – “The music is over”


“The music is over” may seem like a provocation. Maybe music is really over, crushed by everything that revolves around it?

For this album number four, Motta wanted to trace the point of arrival but also of departure.
A space-time box whose main element is music and its songwriting nature and dimension.

Ten tracks that have Motta’s indelible style but integrate new sounds, new stylistic elements and new artistic blood.

To understand Motta’s new music, just listen to the first track of the album Lost souls.
The song has the classical elements that have always characterized Motta’s songs.

You can perceive the stylistic continuity with his previous works, but at the same time you can hear something that sounds brash and powerful. Experiments like Credits with Willie Peyote they are different approaches, in other sound environments and alternate with lyrical stories such as Alice with Giovanni Truppi, a piece that reminds me of De Andrè as well as Vasco Rossi, or beautiful rough and muscular pieces like the title track The music is over.

Excuse me with Jeremiah Fraites is a poetic pearl in crescendo, while in Damn desire for happiness Motta’s voice blends perfectly in the duet with Ginevra.

An album also full of people. Friends and colleagues whom he respects and with whom he has the pleasure of singing like Willie Peyote, Giovanni Truppi, Jeremiah Fraites and Ginevra but also of writing like Danno, Mauro Refosco, Nick Roseboro, Carmine Iuvone, Giorgio Maria Condemi, Roberta Sammarelli, Cesare Petulicchio , Coco Francavilla, Valentina Del Re, Maria Chiara Argirò, BIAS, Iacopo Sinigaglia, Emma Nolde and obviously Tommaso Colliva who formed the album with Motta.

For Motta, music is not over… in fact it has just begun!

SCORE: 7.00


Alice with Giovanni Truppi – Sorry with Jeremiah Fraites – Damned desire for happiness with Ginevra


I didn’t find any moments that bored me. Maybe in the second, third, fourth and “n” listens I would stop at Maledetta desire for happiness.


1. Lost Souls
2. To stop thinking about it
3. End credits with Willie Peyote
4. Alice with Giovanni Truppi
5. Interval
6. The music is over
7. Apologies to Jeremiah Fraites
8. Damn desire for happiness with Ginevra
9. If I hadn’t had you
10. What isn’t there yet


2016 – The end of the twenties
2018 – Live or die
2021 – Simple
2023 – The music is over



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