Interview – GIO EVAN: we always need rebelliousness


“RIBELLISSIMI” is the title of GIO EVAN’s new recording project.

A new stage in a journey that has seen three albums and a long list of books (poems, novels and an anthology) published from 2018 to today.

GIO EVAN is a unique artist, difficult to describe and define. We can speak of him as a “gentle revolutionary” who uses words to share thoughts on the world around him, capturing its beauty, contradictions, soul and intimate simplicity.


Like the previous “Mareducato” (album resulting from the 2021 participation in the Sanremo Festival with the single “Arnica”), “RIBELLISSIMI” is also a concept album made up of music (there are 11 songs in total including the 6 already published) and 11 poems set to music including an unprecedented collaboration with Roberto Cacciapaglia in “GRAFFI”.

“SCRATCHES” (“The most delicate day of a parent is when he has to welcome. That precise moment in which his child begins to request his freedom. Scratches is not a warning, it is a giving into custody, it is the greatest awareness : that of having a heart stuck in another body).

The word ‘rebel’ was born to identify a disappointment towards a majority movement, be it a country, a family or a mountain.
The rebellion was born to express one’s disharmony, it was born to give voice to the minority, to inform the world about the inconvenience.

Rebel derives from ‘rebellum’, return to war, but in a world where the majority educates exactly on war, competition, money and materialism, rebellion today is a gesture of interiority, a medicine, shape, health, the new rebellion is a spiritual movement.

We need rebelliousness, to re-propose wonder and new terms to inaugurate new beginnings.

Rebellion, returning to beauty”.




01. Ulay
02. Susy
03. Chantilly
04. Jeeg Robot
05. Andy Warhol
06. Fountain
07. Hopper
08. Carrà
09. Modi
10. De dominicis
11. Victory

These are the POEMS:

12. Breaking down
13. Realize
14. Balloon
15. Medicine people
16. Graffi feat. Roberto Cacciapaglia
17. Adventures
18. Who like me
19. A million falls
20. Tiny internal roars
21. Have healing
22. Grown up




The release of the album will be followed from the end of February by a new tour, the Fragile / Inossidabile Tour 2024 which will take the artist around all of Italy. A long series of events in the main Italian theaters (the dates in MILAN, CREMA, FLORENCE and the first date in ROME have already been SOLD OUT and the dates in ROME, FLORENCE, TURIN and BOLOGNA have doubled) with a show where music will alternate with poems , gags, monologues full of irony and emotions.

These are the dates on the calendar:

21 February San Domenico Crema Theater SOLD OUT
February 26 Teatro Lirico Milano SOLD OUT
29 February Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone Rome SOLD OUT
1 March Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone Rome
March 3 Apollo Theater Lecce
March 6 Puccini Theater Florence SOLD OUT
March 11th Acacia Theater Naples
12 March Teatro Nuovo G. Menotti Spoleto (Pg)
March 13 Duse Theater Bologna
March 14 Teatro delle Muse Ancona
March 18 Puccini Theater Florence
March 20 Dante Alighieri Theater Ravenna
March 21 Auditorium Santa Chiara Trento
22 March Teatro della Concordia Turin
23 March Teatro della Concordia Turin
March 28 Duse Theater Bologna



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