Interview with Late Night Drive Home


A musical concoction that comes with one of the funniest friendships in the indie industry.

Something that began as a high school dream, in pre-pandemic 2019, and that in January of next year, will lead to Andrew, Juan “Ockz”, Brian and Freddy to perform in what will be his first show in Latin America and the second outside of his native El Paso, Texas, a place that in recent months has seen joyitaomo born “Drug Asphyxiation” and “Street Relief”the latter even has its own verse in Spanish, with which the band moved on to a completely new facet for their career.

Speaking of projects in Spanish, the group also shared with us that one of their future plans is the creation of new songs aimed at their Hispanic audience; These songs will bring together the different styles with which Late Night Drive Home has been experimenting, taking inspiration from bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Wallowscreating a mixture of sounds that they describe as “a broth of sounds.”

For a long time we waited for the right moment to release music in Spanish and now that January is so close we believe that this is when our followers deserve it even more. “I’m not fluent in Spanish, I mean, I understand it, but he left all the power in my teammates,” AndrewMember of Late Night Drive Homefor Indie Rocks!

Juan and Andre with whom we had the opportunity to talk more in depth, they declared that they were more than excited to receive what in recent concerts has characterized the Mexican public, that’s right, we are talking about the famous Dr. Simi stuffed animal.

The truth is that I don’t know what to expect, I just know that I’m excited to see what the public has in store for us, to live the full experience in person and to know the type of energy that everyone talks about,” AndrewMember of Late Night Drive Homefor Indie Rocks!

Regarding his next show at our house, the Indie Rocks Forum!the band commented that they are aware of the euphoria and enthusiasm of the Mexican public, which is why they are already preparing their favorite video game Mario Super Smashwhich they award as the favorite pastime to pass the time hours before each concert and calm the cravings.

My mom usually goes to Mexico every year and I always see her posts on Facebook, so I could say that I’m aware of what everything looks like there, but it’s always different to see it in person, you know? and even more so if it is a first time”, JuanMember of Late Night Drive Homefor Indie Rocks!

If you, like us, can’t wait any longer to see this great promise of garage music, remember that you can follow him on all his social networks and find out first of all the new songs and music videos, which here among us, are closer than ever. what do you think.


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