Interview with Mengers


VS.the band’s new album, took the trio to their creative limits to deliver something anti-industry.

An interesting date is approaching, the Christmas shopping season. The famous black fridayan American day dedicated to discounts and stealth purchases, saw fewer people in shopping centers, because going into debt for things no longer seems so viable to survive in the contemporary economic crisis.

Where is the consumption? In it streaming. Consumers have different subscription services that can change their content at any time. Mengers decided to go against this in their most recent collaboration.

We don’t want to do things the way the industry wants, we want to do things the way we want,” he mentions. Pablo Calderondrummer of the group.

V.S. is the name of their fourth studio album in which they collaborate with Hugo Quezada. “We don’t make music for anyone, we don’t make music to hit,” he says. Pablo. This creation is the result of arduous experimentation that seeks to get “to the bottom of the song.”

Mengers I arrive with Hugo to have a collaboration with shared ideals. For “The pleasure of making noisy music and music that goes a little against the grain of what the scenes and the industry are marking and stipulating.” This project seeks to maintain its discourse about obtaining economic gain or popularity marked with hype that will eventually disappear.

Proof of this is the fact that VS. It is not on platforms streaming. The album was printed on a limited run of vinyl. The purpose of this decision is to be able to separate from digital, to return to the music itself. “In such a capitalized and globalized world, the truth is that making resistance from the physical format (…) seems like an important moment to do so (people) can listen to an album made with the intention of lasting and not hitting.”

You can listen to only the single from this album on Spotify. To obtain a copy of VS.visit their Instagram to receive more information.


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