Sara Socas opens up about the “hardest” part of having dedicated herself to cockfighting

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The Canarian artist Sara Socas you are in luck. He just released his new studio album TFN-MADwith which he has welcomed a new musical era full of security and thirst to continue dedicating himself to what he is most passionate about.

And if there is something that Sara has always shown, it is that she has no shame in showing herself as she is, in opening her soul and sharing her ideas with everyone who listens to her. This is something that she carries faithfully in her speech, and sometimes she has not had it all with her. In fact, she started in the world of cockfighting, which is undoubtedly carried out by a predominantly male presence.

He spoke about this in the last episode of the podcast We will come out better, presented by Inés Hernand and Nerea Pérez de las Heras. Once again being honest with the listeners, Socas recalled his departure from freestyle and the decision to dedicate himself entirely to music.

It was in March 2023 when our protagonist hung up her boots in this competition, but she assures that she did not leave “through the front door”, but “crying”. “I reached that point where I can’t take it anymore,” he declares in the interview.

What led you to make this decision? What has been the hardest part for you about dedicating yourself to this mental sport? “I would divide it into two points. The first of all, and then everything else is a consequence, I believe that apart from being a woman in the world of battles, which I already told you that… that is, battles are hostile in themselves, if you are a sensitive person, even if you are a man, you are going to have a bad time. But if we add being a woman and, above all, being a feminist or red as shit, as I have been told many times… “he confesses.

“I think that put me in a very specific position, which I think must be added that when ideologically you position yourself very clearly and continuously, always the other party, which is totally opposed on the other side, is going to go for it.” “I’m sorry. That part, above all, has been the hardest for me.”Add.

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Such has been the hardness of this stage for Sara that in this same interview she assured Inés and Nerea that, “if she had not lived in that hostile world,” perhaps she would continue in battles. “When all the hate started, which was more like when I was in the FMS, I got quite panicked when going out to a party or on the street. I had a total panic, come on, I was drunk and I had a persecution mania that you can’t believe.” “he declares.

Other conclusions she has reached are that she has felt that “everything has been given to you because you are a woman, that it has no validity.” “They can spend years suffering and continue working without it being practically noticeable,” she points out.

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In short, Sara Socas is in another stage of her professional life, but she is clear that she is not going to leave mental health aside at any time.


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