Interview with The Last Dinner Party


Enjoy the process so as not to succumb to industry pressure.

Nothing can compare to the excitement of discovering a new musical proposal that fulfills the potential of becoming your favorite band, and if this band is taking its first steps, everything becomes better, since you can grow along with the project and appreciate all facets of its evolution.

The Last Dinner Party is a band that manages to capture anyone’s attention from the first listen in which you can appreciate an eclectic proposal, which fuses the best of different genres such as art rock, baroque and indie rock. Formed in 2021, this project brings together the talent of Abigail Morris, Lizzie Mayland, Emily Roberts, Georgia Davies, and dawn Nishevci, five women who take their love for music to the maximum point of expression, creating memorable pieces that have already led them to win the Rising Star BRIT Award 2024, it which demonstrates the great potential of this project.

Recently, the English project presented Prelude to Ecstasy, his first studio album under the seal Island Records, and next March 19 we will be able to witness what the band has to offer live, with its first presentation on Mexican soil. This is why we We sat down to talk with Abigail Morris and Aurora Nishevci who told us some details about his history and this material that marks his debut.

We started this talk talking about how terrible the London weather can be, but It would be difficult for them to leave their place of origin just because of the weather, after this dawn us He told a little about the origin of the band and how he convinced everyone to join together to give life to this great project:

I think it was all at a bar night, where you feel at ease with your friends and Someone proposes starting a band. I think everyone said yes, but Abigail had to confirm the next day when everyone was sober.” Aurora said.

“The truth is I was very lucky, because we were all in our twenties and we loved music. I think it was an easy step to take, we simply all wanted to be part of a band,” Abigail concluded.

What started as a simple project has now, three years later, established itself as one of the most promising projects on the English scene after winning the Rising Star BRIT TOward 2024. But we can ask ourselves, in what way does it modify the mentality of a such a young project to win something like that? About this Abigail comments:

“Winning that award was something that made us very excited, but it is surreal to be in that position. We do not compare ourselves to any of the artists who have won it before, because there are huge names on that list, but we are sure that this is a “A very great honor and it only increases our ambition to do what we like.”

Ambition is a term that can greatly describe this project, since with the tracks that make up the Prelude to Ecstasy, we can find a proposal that had the desire to do everything in their power to reach the sound objective that was established from the beginning, all regardless of the time and effort this represented. They They made this process something that made them grow as professionals in music and as an act. Developing.

Many think that creating this album was very difficult, but we don’t think that was the case. It really was all very fun and enjoyable, I’m not saying it was easy, because of course there were many challenges, but living through all those challenges only excited us. James Ford (producer) was very good to us and we knew we had nothing to prove, it was just have fun,” Abigail said.

“I think that, despite the challenges, the creation of this album was a fun process, since we always knew what we wanted. It’s like going to an exam very prepared, you have a good time, because you know everything they can ask you. In this case, we enjoyed it so much that we were even able to lengthen the album and add more tracks than planned,” said Aurora.

It is very common for the first study materials to feel diverse or without cohesion clear, this is because young projects take time to establish the sound they They will develop throughout their entire career and at the beginning they have a little of everything. In this case We can say that the opposite happens, since we found an album that seems to arrive from a band with many years of career and that knows exactly how they want to sound.

“I think there is a little bit of everything, but we always write thinking about how we do it.” we would play live. If it starts calmer it is just to bring the audience towards an end epic. Imagine how epic it will be when we can be at a festival inside a venue closed. “It will be beautiful,” Aurora said.

If we talk about concerts, we can also say that The Last Dinner Party is not a novice project, since they have enjoyed great opportunities to accompany projects legendary like The Rolling Stones and Florence + The Machine. So we can say with We are sure that the concert on March 19 will be one that we cannot miss.

We can’t wait to visit Mexico, it is one of the destinations that we love the most. It is exciting, none of us has been there and it is a dream that we want to fulfill. Apart “We have a lot of fans in their country, and we know they will make us feel at home,” Abigail said.

In this way we end the talk with dawn and Abigail and we can’t be anymore excited to live the great sound experience of their live proposal.


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