Pedro Sánchez has already heard ‘Zorra’ and is clear about his opinion about Spain’s song for Eurovision 2024

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It was a matter of time Pedro Sanchez listen to the song that on May 11 will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. Nebulosa won this weekend at the Benidorm Fest 2024 with Bitchgetting his direct ticket to Malmö, and laSexta has not hesitated to show the President of the Government the performance that aims to conquer the European audience.

Sánchez visited this Monday Red Hot to speak with Antonio García Ferreras about the different issues that occupy the political agenda these days. The interview was intended for the politician to respond to these more current questions. However, given the commotion caused with Bitchthe presenter has taken the opportunity to share with him the images of this groundbreaking candidacy.

“Is it going to get involved or is it not going to get involved? Do you like it or don’t you like it?” Ferreras asked Pedro Sánchez. Your response from him? “Let’s see, yes, it seems to me that feminism is not only fair, but it is fun,” he commented. “This type of provocation necessarily has to come from culture.” And he ended by saying: “The fachosphere would have liked to have Cara al sol, but I like this type of song”.

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Nebula, to suck at Eurovision

Therefore, judging by his reaction, Nebulossa already has the approval of Pedro Sánchez. Bitchthe feminist anthem that has swept the Benidorm Fest and that will try to regain Spain’s leadership in Eurovision 2024, the President of the Government likes and this only means that the phenomenon of the song, which was already number 1 in The 50 most viral of Spotify, has only just begun.

And, precisely, if we continue talking about numbers, it must be noted that Bitch has made a giant leap on the main list of this streaming platform to number eight. Are we facing the new Nightlight? Will it be understood at Eurovision? Place your bets!


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