Interview with Titan


Pillars of the turntables and beats.

Mothership It is the recent plaque of the capital band; Now they return with a new lineup: Julian Lede, Emilio Acevedo and Yamil Rezc. At the beginning of July we were introduced “Arrow”with this they introduced us to the face of a facet that would culminate in incubating an album produced by its members.

Titan is the band that revolutionized electronic music in our country in the mid-90s. Being independent, they were shaping up to be a kick in the game. mainstreamin which at that time the disc jockey was barely visible.

With sounds and melodies minimalists They gained ground on the scene with their albums: Terror Records (nineteen ninety five), Heart (nineteen ninety five), These are short albums, entering the new millennium they surprised us with elevator (2000), Titan (2005) and Lady (2016).

Since the emergence of Titan30 years have passed.

Well, we never really left, we never came back (laughs), we have been in our career for thirty years and with five albums. We are an intermittent and eternal band, we are very happy to be able to continue, it is always a great event to meet again,” he highlighted. Julian Lede.

The passing of the years does not pass in vain, for Titan It has given them the guts to continue in the independent scene and leave their mark on the music of our country. Now it is complex to adapt to the industry. “We are not as responsive to the industry before or now; Therefore, a band that works according to the industry cannot appear and disappear, it has to be releasing music permanently; What we have realized is that we don’t work like that, we get together when we think it is appropriate to get together and we don’t like to return without new music under our arms,” ​​he emphasized. Julian Lede.

For Emilio Acevedo, clarified that it requires a lot of patience, having ideas, as the years go by, calm is the key to lasting thirty years. Sometimes you have to be capricious.

Although his return took seven years, this new material ship Nurse It clarified the picture of how things should be done. “This came to refresh the project, and it is a healthy way for us to return. Maybe if we weren’t in multiple projects, I don’t think we would. Titan I was alive at this point,” Julian Lede.

For this new stage that lies ahead Titanin addition to Julian Lede and Emilio Acevedoa key piece was added which resulted in Yamil Rezc. Producer and musician whose members have known for years, this complemented the group. “It didn’t happen in a simple way, but it was easy to get to that incorporation, also because look, I have a personal vision, there are two types of groups or musicians and they are those who want to make good music or those who want their music to be famous, So there are two different intentions, in this case, I do have a great vanity for the music I make, with the people I make it with and the environment, when I started working with them it made a blender of many things that made me likes, of important values ​​and from that we put in a little box the talents that he has and that can be important and little by little we found ourselves in this new stage of us as people and in the nine stage of the group,” he said Yamil Rezc.

The intention of where the music is made comes from a special place and the deliciousness of Titan It’s that we make the music we want to make. “We allow ourselves to open the range of musical opportunities all the time.”

to hatch Mothership, their fifth studio album took seven years, since along the way they went through a pandemic that slowed down its release. Despite adversities, he enjoyed composing it in his home and studio in Coyoacán, south of Mexico City. “We even set up a studio, something that had not happened before, that is, everyone had their own; For this time we were able to set up a studio where we could compose, record and rehearse. That made it possible to have the necessary time to give every detail. We expanded as much as possible and the result was Mothership“, Julian Lede.

They clarified that Titan It is still valid as it was thirty years ago, however, they reinvented themselves, but with a different look over the years they have been around. It was impossible to sound the same. “We changed structure. “We are more mature (laughs), with other stories, we are at the moment we always wanted.”

Finally they are happy with the result of this new release in which the band celebrates thirty years. “We are finally mature” (laughs). Those were the words with which Julian Lede concluded the interview.


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