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“I want you to treasure everything, that you can thread it, I hope you embroider everything with your metal needle.”

Yorkathe Chilean duo characterized by their profound interpretations, premieres their new song “Fly”, a moving song that explores the feeling of being grateful and longing for freedom. The sisters pastes They deliver a message of love and hope, with which they seek to wish happiness and freedom to those we love, making clear the sonic evolution that this duo has had, without losing the simple and melancholic essence with which they have conquered their fans.

For us ‘Volar’ is a new stage of the project. In sonic terms there is growth, both in the composition and in the elements that build this song. It contains a mix of pop and rock with more experimental elements such as declaiming or playing with voices in the mix and production at a totally new level for us,” the sisters mention.

The recording was made in Mexico City during the passage of Yorka for the festival Live Latino 2023 editionthe piano was recorded in the studio Codependent and the rest of the recording was done by Felipe Castro in the study Ninth. The latter is a place that has hosted a large part of the Chilean artists who visit or live in the Mexican country, where the latest productions of Mon Laferte, The bunkers, Pedropiedraamong others.

The art of “Fly” It is an embroidery of a blue bird, which reminds us that acts of freedom can be captured in objects or memories. A blue bird that will always remind us that we can fly to happiness and freedom. This work was done Katherine Sanhuezaa fan of the girls who submitted her work in a mass call to collaborate on the new art of the single.

‘Flying’ is a little trip down memory lane. An invitation to all people to feel free to travel to that shore of the sea where we live happiness and remember what love is.”

Press play! and enjoy this video, which will make your skin crawl with the beautiful landscapes, the sweet melody and its deep lyrics. Don’t forget to follow Yorka on networks so you don’t miss any details of these beautiful and talented sisters.

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