“Iridi against gender and economic violence” at the Filodrammatici Theater in Milan

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On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the EDGE Association, in collaboration with the Filodrammatici Theatre, presents the event “Iridi against gender and economic violence”, which will be held on Saturday 25 November from 4.00 pm at 5.45pm, at the Filodrammatici Theater in Milan.

The objective of the event, open to the public, is to raise awareness among civil society on the issue of gender violence and encourage a real cultural and social revolution, which passes through education on respect, a fundamental tool for eradicating culture of possession and to spread gender equality. Another form of gender violence, more silent and creeping, is economic violence. Financial autonomy is a key objective to break down gender stereotypes that limit women’s economic and social development.

We will talk about how to create alliances and find the right answers to fight violence, break down prejudices, protect and promote the civil and economic rights of women and how to adopt a language and ways of relating that are non-discriminatory for their dignity and ability. to encourage respectful behavior and promote gender equality.

Violence against women (lesbian, heterosexual, transgender, non-binary) is viscerally rooted in our community and feeds on a patriarchal, paternalistic and discriminatory culture (often of primitive heritage), which harms all human beings across the board. The path towards a more equal society is arduous and tiring.


Moderate the talk: Elena Tebano, Corriere della Sera journalist and blog La 27esima Ora. Among the guests of the talk: Angelo Caltagirone, founder and past president of EDGE, Giulia Gratteri, EDGE board member and Beatrice Uguccioni, councilor of the Municipality of Milan. On stage, Laura Locatelli, Monica Stefinlongo, Aglaia Zannetti and Enzo Giraldo (who coordinates the artistic part), will read some testimonies of women who survived the violence of abusive partners who reported it and were saved. The trumpet of the musician Gendrickson Mena will accompany the readings.

Alessandra Galli, EDGE board member and sponsor of the IRIDI event against gender and economic violence, declares: “IRIDI wants to be a participatory event. At the end, a representative of civil society will take the stage, as if it were a living scenography: each of them will show the audience a phrase with a hashtag against gender violence. A powerful ‘photograph’ to give to the collective imagination.
The people on stage and the audience in the audience will become the IRISES, messengers and harbingers of hope, like the winged goddess of Greek mythology Iris, the personification of the rainbow, who inspires them.” He underlines: “Together with EDGE, in the present and in the future, to build rainbow bridges and eliminate gender violence. A moment of discussion to inspire other people and propose positive role models to refer to.”

Furthermore, as a national preview, the video of the musical project Pugni d’amore by Peppe Stefanelli and Angelo Caltagirone, author and performer, will be screened, who states: “The song is an invitation addressed to ‘men of good will’ to join the battle against violence on women”.

The protagonist of the video Tabitha Frehner will also be present.

EDGE LGBTI+ Leaders for change is the Association that for 12 years has been committed to promoting virtuous models of social and professional affirmation and acts for the defense of rights and the valorization of diversity, continuing to stimulate legislative and social initiatives at every level to support the education to respect. The Association’s mission is the personal and professional growth of LGBTQIA+ and allied people. This event is part of the Iridi by EDGE project, which aims to promote the overcoming of gender stereotypes in work and institutional contexts, educate in a language that is not discriminatory or harmful to the dignity of lesbian, heterosexual, bisexual, transgender and non-binary women , encourage the adoption of measures aimed at encouraging respectful behavior and gender equality


“Irises against gender and economic violence”
Saturday 25 November from 4.00pm to 5.45pm, at the Filodrammatici Theatre.

The initiative, with free entry upon reservation at the link https://rb.gy/98hycz, takes place as part of the IRIDI project and is part of the series of meetings Il filo (rainbow) by Arianna.


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