Justin Quiles’ ‘plot twist’ in the music video for ‘Te Perdido’

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The followers of Justin Quiles They are in luck. The Puerto Rican artist has returned to the fray with a new release. Is about Lost youa reggaeton song that is going to become the favorite soundtrack of the weekend for its more than 8 million fans on the networks.

The letter of Lost you It is the reflection of the stories of countless people in the world. He talks about heartbreak and loss, inviting us to reflect and the dark side that this feeling also has. But that is not all. The song closes the trilogy that Justin has been presenting to us since he premiered The green in September of this year.

The trilogy is made up of The Green, The Apple and He lost you. With the latter he shows us the end of the story in a video clip also directed by Fernando Lugo. In it, The story of the girl who leaves with Quiles and leaves her previous partner but who ends up returning to him, betraying the singer, ends unexpectedly. What many know as a plost twist or turn of events.

And in this new music video, Quiles meets the young woman in a strip-tease club where she works. There, the other boy watches him but, upon seeing Justin, she decides to take him to a more intimate place to give free rein to her passion. The other member of the love triangle realizes the singer’s presence and decides to end his life. In one move, the Puerto Rican took the opportunity to grab the gun and shoot him, leaving him to die on the ground. What neither Justin nor anyone expected is that the girl would end up holding the gun and pulling the trigger at the artist, who also dies. A most unexpected ending that shows that the young woman did not need the love of any of them.

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Justin Quiles is experiencing one of his most exciting personal milestones after welcoming his daughter Lyla into the world in mid-September. But he has shown that leaving music aside is not in his plans.

And what did you think of Te Perdido? Do you have someone to dedicate it to?


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