Isaac Belk confesses in 40 GRADOS K what it’s like to live with Lola Lolita: “it’s a show”

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Samantha Hudson, Marc Seguí, Sofía Surfers… More and more well-known faces are appearing on 40 Grados K, the most hooligan program on WECB! Our host, Karin Herrero, has no problem putting her guests to the test, showing the audience a new side of them. The last guest? None other than Isaac Belk.

Known on social networks as ibelky He is one of the most sought-after content creators in the industry. The young man has more than six million followers on TikTok and together with his partner, Lola Lolita, he forms one of the most famous couples on the social network. But the thing Don “t stay there, far from it! He dedicates himself to kick boxing and modeling, combining these two passions.

This Tuesday, November 21, Isaac has sat in the study WECB Degrees K to tell us all kinds of things, among them: what is his greatest vice and his greatest fear, the day he hit rock bottom and the navel of Lola Lolita.

Ibelky He has said that his biggest fear is “feeling like I’m not meeting expectations based on my age and context and feeling like I’m letting life pass me by. Maybe I set objectives or goals that I have had contact with but I have never reached anything fixed. They are states of mind, they are ups and downs. Feeling like I’m not doing what I should be doing or giving 100 percent of myself. Seeing life go by scares me”.

When did ibelky hit rock bottom?

“The day I hit rock bottom was not long ago. Personal situations came together with professional ones and I hit rock bottom.. Less than a month ago. Little by little. Try to do every day with as much joy as possible and do a little more, demand a little more from myself and try to see things differently. I don’t tell anyone anything. I have a twin brother who is like my best friend and he is the only person I think would tell him everything, I don’t even tell him 100% of the things, because I don’t want to worry him. I don’t want to tell you how I feel and then have to give more explanations. I don’t want to bother people around me in general.. And that is a problem,” explained the tiktoker.

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Why is advertising not understood the same in social networks as in conventional media?

“I believe that it is not so much the issue of the advertising that we put into content, but the fact that with our type of content we can generate money. At the end of the day, the internet is for everyone. They see TV as something much more elaborate and when we see it as something so simple or, as many people say, that it does not require any type of effort, this is what can generate a shock. or even that they do not understand it,” commented Isaac Belky.

What is it like living with Lola Lolita?

It makes it easier for me to live with her becauseI always say that she is crazy but anyway, and since it’s so unpredictable and so funny, it’s entertaining. You never get bored. He is not a plain person who is always ‘balanced’, so It’s like a fun show every day“he confessed ibelky about your partner Lola Lolita.

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About 40 Degrees

But why shouldn’t you miss 40 Degrees K? Well, because everything is talked about here! The program presented by Karin Herrero is faithful to the essence of the announcer and is presented without filters or half measures. The different guests who will arrive at the set of the format will do so willing to have a good time and knowing that the person in front of them is fleeing from political correctness. So they must be prepared and willing to give their all, to have fun, and above all, to answer the questions of the fans, who will be able to interact through chat both with Karin and with each of the artists or celebrities who visit them.

The Canarian, as he has demonstrated on countless occasions in his interviews and reports for WECB, has never hesitated to test anyone who stands in front of his microphone in the streets or at photocalls and now, he will do the same from his set. Remember: every Tuesday, starting at 5:00 p.m. on the WECB Spain YouTube channel, you have an appointment with Karin Herrero at 40 Grados K. You can’t miss it!


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