PLACEBO a box set with the band’s first live album is coming soon

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PLACEBO announce the release of a box set entitled “Placebo Live”. The album is a vast collection of performances from across their career captured around the world: Mexico, Spain and London.

Surprisingly, in more than 25 years of career, the set includes the first live album the band has ever released: “Collapse Into Never: Placebo Live In Europe 2023.”

Placebo Live also marks the first time the band’s live performances have been made available on vinyl.


The box set includes:
– the double vinyl of “Collapse Into Never: Placebo Live In Europe 2023”
– the feature film of the concert in Mexico City in Blu-Ray version “This Is What You Wanted”
– the CD “Live From The White Room”

The set contains songs from their self-titled debut Placebo, Black Market Music, Sleeping With Ghosts, Battle For The Sun and Loud Like Love.

Also their acclaimed new album Never Let Me Go is well represented, including the album’s lead single “Beautiful James” and fan-favorite covers such as Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” and Tears For Fears’ “Shout”.




Collapse Into Never – Live In Europe 2023
Clear double-vinyl gatefold album tracklisting


1. Forever Chemicals
2. Beautiful James
3. Scene of the Crime
4. Hugz
5. Happy Birthday In The Sky

Side 2

6. Bionics
7. Surrounded By Spies
8. Sad White Reggae
9. Try Better Next Time
10. Too Many Friends

Side 3

11. Went Missing
12. For What It’s Worth
13. Slave To The Wage
14. Song To Say Goodbye
15. The Bitter End
16. Infra-Red

Side 4

17. Shout
18. Fix Yourself
19. Running Up That Hill

This Is What You Wanted – Live in Mexico City
Blu-Ray feature length concert film tracklisting

1. Opening Titles
2. Forever Chemicals
3. Beautiful James
4. Scene Of The Crime
5. Hugz
6. Happy Birthday In The Sky
7. Bionic
8. Twin Demons
9. Surrounded By Spies
10. Chemtrails
11. Sad White Reggae
12. Try Better Next Time
13. Too Many Friends
14. Went Missing
15. For What It’s Worth
16. Slave to The Wage
17. Song To Say Goodbye
18. Come Undone
19. The Bitter End
20. Infra-Red
21. Shout
22. Fix Yourself
23. Running Up That Hill

Live From The White Room
Softpak gatefold CD tracklisting

1. Beautiful James
2. Fix Yourself
3. Happy Birthday In The Sky
4. Sad White Reggae
5. Surrounded By Spies
6. Try Better Next Time
7. Went Missing


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