J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) announces solo album

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The Dinosaur Jr. vocalist is ready to present his solo album.

Through social networks it has been revealed to us that J Mascis will be launching What Do We Do Now his next solo album, this will be released on February 2 through Sub Pop. This announcement is accompanied by the first single with your video call “Can’t Believe We’re Here”. Let us remember that this is the first solo work of Mascis from Elastic Days launched in 2018.

When I write for the band I always try to think about doing things that Lou and Murph would fit in, for my part I’m thinking more about what I can do alone with an acoustic guitar, even for solos. Of course, this time I added full drums and electric solos, although the rhythm parts are still all acoustic. I usually try to make solos simpler so I can play them alone, but I really wanted to add the drums. Once that started, everything else just fell into place. So it ended up sounding much more like a band record. “I don’t know why I did that exactly, but it’s just what happened,” J Mascis said in a press release.

For this new release Mascis recruited Ken Maiuri of The B-52’s to play the keyboard now Matthew “Doc” Dunn to play the steel guitar, all this in order to give us a more produced album that we undoubtedly hope to hear soon. While that happens we leave you the tracklist and the video of “Can’t Believe We’re Here” so you can go listen to it, if you are a fan of Dinosaur Jr. or quiet music we highly recommend you give it a chance J Mascis.

01.- ““Can’t Believe We’re Here”

02.- ““What Do We Do Now”

03.- ““Right Behind You”

04.- ““You Don’t Understand Me”

05.- ““I Can’t Find You”

06.- ““Old Friends”

07.- ““It’s True”

08.- ““Set Me Down”

09.- ““Hangin Out”

10.- ““End Is Gettin Shaky”


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