Jenifer: this actor could have had an unforgettable moment with the singer!

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“I seriously regret it”… Find out who didn’t dare to kiss Jenifer in one of her clips.

Gil Alma is biting his fingers. The famous French actor could have had a great moment with singer Jenifer…

The star of “Our Dear Neighbors” and “César Wagner” began by making appearances in numerous fiction films as well as music videos. He notably participated in the filming of Jenifer’s “Les Jours Électriques” video. The 44-year-old actor played the singer’s companion who took it out on him. While he wants to take care of his sweetheart, the superstar makes him experience real hell. An explosive shoot that Gil Alma will never forget, particularly because of a regret.

According to the media “Auféminin”, Gil Alma revealed to “Variation”: “Toward the final clap, the director said to me: ‘At the end, you have to kiss. In the script, Jenifer was having a disagreement with her boyfriend, who I played. I came with my then wife, and at the time of the kiss plan, I didn’t have the balls to kiss her… And believe me, I seriously regret it !”

Jenifer: still so moved years after her triumph at the “Star Academy”

Jenifer has not yet reacted to this very funny anecdote. Last week, the singer celebrated 22 years of career since her victory at the “Star Academy”. “January 12, 2002! The only thing that doesn’t change is that I still cry so much», she wrote in the caption of a photo of her crying alongside Nikos, on the TF1 set.

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