Jenifer with Michaël Youn in the TV movie “Superpapa”

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Fans of Jenifer and Michaël Youn better watch out, the two stars are coming together on the small screen in “Superpapa” expected next November.

Put on your skis and head to the mountains. On November 13, Jenifer puts her microphone aside to put on her acting hat. The singer will appear in “Superpapa” alongside Michaël Youn. This TV film will feature the two television stars in the shoes of a SVT teacher and a widowed father.

The pitch? In the eyes of his son Victor, 15, Christophe Perrot has been a “control freak” since the death of his wife 3 years ago. When a withdrawal is announced among those accompanying the “snow camp” just before the Christmas holidays, Christophe joins in. Marina Aouate, the bubbly SVT teacher, like Victor, are moderately excited. Christophe is reassured until a mysterious gift falls upon him: he can hear the thoughts of adolescents, including those of his beloved son. His well-ordered life then turns into a nightmare…

Song and cinema

In 2017, Jennifer told Parisian that cinema had always attracted her: “ Even making music means playing a role: when you go on stage, you step into someone else’s shoes. In concert, I am totally uninhibited whereas in life, I can be paralyzed, very uncomfortable “. This outlet, the winner of the Star Academy discovered it during the filming of “Lis Francis »: “II had a small role, but it was a foothold. I loved the atmosphere of filming, and I liked being someone else “, she said in an interview during the promotion of “Don’t tell him” in which the star played one of the main roles.

“Superpapa” will be broadcast on TF1 on November 13, 2023.


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