JLO & Ben Affleck: How the paparazzi broke up their relationship

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Flagship couple of the 2000s who got back together twenty years after an aborted romance, J.Lo and Ben Affleck have had a tumultuous history. What happened between the two celebrities? Focus on their relationship which continues to make the headlines of the tabloids.

Jennifer Lopez, aka J.Lo and Ben Affleck made us dream in the early 2000s. She, the diva, the bomba Latina and he, the talented actor with mysterious eyes… Then, they broke our hearts by separating when they were about to get married. They then each attempted to repair themselves in the arms of other lovers. Get married, have children, divorce, fall apart… And 20 years later, to everyone’s surprise, reform their relationship. But then, how can we explain the failure of their first relationship? What happened in the love lives of both of them for two decades until this surprising reconciliation? Heading towards the tumultuous history of the J.Lo-Ben Affleck duo.

On July 24, 2021, the Instagram sphere is in turmoil: the couple, formed by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, are back more than 20 years after their first aborted romance. On this day, J.Lo is about to capsize the hearts of 250 million people around the world. Her followers see her tanned and muscular figure appear in a red and yellow bikini. By swiping to the right, the public also discovers a second photo, and not the least: J-Lo still looking hot in a swimsuit, passionately kissing Ben Affleck on the deck of a boat… Bennifer is back!

A planned but canceled wedding… The first relationship between the bomba Latina and one of the sexiest actors on the planet began in the early 2000s, on the set of the film Troubled Love. After the officialization, the couple was baptized “Bennifer” (contraction of Ben and Jennifer), the first duo in History to inherit a nickname in Hollywood… and also one of the first power couples to emerge at the same time than the explosion of celebrity magazines and tabloids.

Over time, the media machine gets carried away. But at first, the duo seems above it all. And for good reason: the couple is already planning for the future. Very quickly, they became engaged and their union was seen as one of the marriages of the century. The ceremony is scheduled for September 14, 2003 in Santa Barbara, California. Everything is ready, the preparations are underway, the invitations sent. But the day before the event, a press release signed by the stars’ publicist came out: they chose to postpone the wedding in the face of pressure from the paparazzi. Unfortunately, the wedding will not be rescheduled and the couple will officially separate in January 2004… Before meeting again in 2021.

But how do you go from mad love to annulling your marriage in less than a year? What happened for almost 20 years in the love lives of these two Hollywood stars? Under what circumstances did this power couple reform after a long break? Between deceptions, rumors and slumps, discover everything behind the scenes of this comeback in the new episode of the Gossip Love podcast

Gossip Love - Episode 9

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