Waxahatchee announces album and releases “Right Back to It”

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A love story that will break the traditional.

Waxahatchee will premiere next March 22 Tigers Blood through Anti-, the studio album that marks his return after three years of absence. To give us a preview of what his new release will be, he is premiering with the single “Right Back to It.”

Katie CrutchfieldAmerican singer-songwriter and creator of the concept Waxahatchee Originally started a solo acoustic project, his recordings now tend to involve a backing band, he has released 5 albums to date: American Weekend (2012), Cerulean Salt (2013), Ivy Tripp (2015), Out in the Storm (2017) and Saint Cloud (2020).

Regarding the new single, Crutchfield said:

I’m really interested in writing love songs that are raw and unromantic. I wanted to make a song about the ebb and flow of a long love story. I thought it might seem untraditional, but a little more in line with my experience, to write about feeling insecure or frustrated in some way internally, but always finding my way back to newness or intimacy with the same person.”

But “Right Back to It” does not come alone, since at the same time a video is being released, in which we can see katie performing this piece, while enjoying nature and the warm landscapes it offers in each scene.

Enjoy “Right Back to It”, is now on all digital platforms. Follow on their social networks Waxahatcheebecause soon they will be announcing the dates and cities with which they will begin their tour, so, you have to be very attentive, while you enjoy this little song, Play it!


01 “3 Sisters”
02 “Evil Spawn”
03 “Ice Cold”
04 “Right Back to It (ft. MJ Lenderman)”
05 “Burns Out at Midnight”
06 “Bored”
07 “Lone Star Lake”
08 “Crimes of the Heart”
09 “Crowbar”
10 “365”
11 “The Wolves”
12 “Tigers Blood”


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