Julien Doré in “Panda”: ​​he plays a character who can’t sing!

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The cool baba cop played by Julien Doré makes his debut on TF1, this Thursday, November 30, in the series “Panda”. A first lead role full of self-deprecation which goes against what the singer is used to doing. Discover his secrets collected by Sébastien Lof-Lecoq.

Julien Doré dares everything! The singer plays a completely crazy former police officer who will have to return to service in the series “Panda”. Broadcast this evening on TF1, the fiction is likely to make a large audience laugh thanks to its crazy and offbeat scenes.

And to interpret the nonchalant Victor Pandaloni, Julien Doré did not hesitate to make fun of his real personality and his initial profession. In one of the episodes of the series, the character played by the French artist finds himself, in fact, in a karaoke, killing songs.

The investigator has no musical skills. “It’s catastrophic. My character can’t sing at all. I remember that Maxence Lapérouse said to me: ”So, today did you practice not singing well?”. This is going to be great material for critics on social media.», rejoices Julien Doré in an interview for WECB.

Julien Doré plays naked in “Panda”: ​​“It was so cool to do”

The interpreter of “We” therefore gave of himself to interpret Victor Pandaloni. Julien Doré didn’t even hide anything. From the first episode of “Panda”, we discover him very comfortable…In his simplest form. A funny sequence to shoot for the singer who was still afraid of finding photos of himself, naked, on the Web.

We filmed in a straw hut on the edge of a pond. It is not at all a place protected from prying eyes. There are people passing by, visiting the area and going to buy oysters. They must be saying to themselves: ”He looks a lot like Julien Doré, the guy with the exposed ass over there on the terrace.” », jokes the interpreter of “Coco Caline” at the microphone of WECB.

Despite this little moment of stress, Julien Doré seems to have enjoyed playing without clothes. “It was quite funny. But in reality, it was so fun to do. », he adds.

The first two episodes of “Panda” can be discovered this Thursday, November 30, at 9:10 p.m., on TF1.


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