Junior Eurovision 2023 results: this is how the festival classification remains according to the points distributed

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This Sunday, November 26, Nice (France) hosted one of the most important events in music: the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Six months after enjoying the senior edition and now that the artists who will go to Benidorm Fest are known, 16 countries have taken the stage again and have demonstrated the young talent that exists throughout Europe. After Sandra Valero, representative of Spain, inaugurated the contest with her Loviu It is time to meet the winner of the contest and Lissandro’s successor.

France has been proclaimed the twenty-first winner of the European Festival thank you Zoé Clauzure and her song Coeurwho has been with 228 points the one chosen to take the mini crystal microphone.

Unlike what happens with the senior version, in Junior Eurovision, all viewers have the opportunity to vote for the representative of their own country. Likewise, the points are distributed in a mixed way: 50% jury voting and 50% public voting.

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In this way, the betting predictions of recent days that indicated that our representative, Sandra Valero, would be on the podium have been fulfilled. Thus, together with the jury’s vote with which she has obtained 115 points and to which the public’s vote has been added, Spain has gone to second placefalling just short of taking the mini crystal microphone.

After France and Spain, Armenia remained with the young artist Yan Girls, the third-place holder in this Junior Eurovision 2023 contest with 180 points. Then it is found United Kingdom, Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Albania, Germany and Maltawho They have closed the top 10 of this 2023.

Finally, at the bottom of this edition are Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Georgia, Estonia and Ireland.

In short, This has been the classification of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 adding the vote of the jury and the public:

  1. France 228
  2. Spain 201
  3. Armenia 180
  4. UK 160
  5. Ukraine 128
  6. Poland 124
  7. Netherlands 122
  8. Albania 115
  9. Germany 107
  10. Malta 94
  11. Italy 81
  12. Macedonia 76
  13. Portugal 75
  14. Georgia 74
  15. Estonia 49
  16. Ireland 42

See you next year!


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