Slimane at the “Star Academy”: who is his favorite student?

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Surprise ! Slimane came to accompany the 2023 class of the “Star Academy”, for a debrief of the prime on Saturday November 25. During this morning, the singer did not fail to reveal the name of his favorite.

Slimane is a big fan of the show “Star Academy” on TF1. The artist shared his admiration for the show he watched as a child last year, during the return of the talent show. He was then able to visit the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys and gave advice to the students of the 2022 class.

For his great pleasure and that of the apprentice singers, the interpreter of “Milliers de je t’aime” returned to the place where this year’s candidates live. This Sunday, November 26, Slimane came to lend a hand to Professor Cécile Chaduteau to carry out the debrief of the Saturday evening bonus.

The opportunity for the young father to give his opinion on the performances of each student but also to reveal his “heart stroke“. Slimane has, in fact, paid many compliments to Pierre!

“You have an extraordinary voice, I tell you, you have everything I love in a voice.“, he revealed to the student delighted to receive praise.

Slimane would like to write for Pierre from “Star Academy”

Vitaa’s former sidekick also took advantage of this session at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys to give advice to those who want to break through. According to Slimane, Pierre should not only rely on his pretty tone of voice. “You’re lucky because your voice is direct, we say it’s him, but when you dance and everything we understand: ”go ahead, I did my part and then when I don’t sing anymore, it’s almost I’m not here anymore.'”

These little things to improve did not prevent Slimane from revealing that he would like to work with the candidate. “When you sing songs that are in your universe, I find that immediately we want to make songs for you, to write your album, your tone is my taste.», concludes the representative of France at Eurovision 2024. Words which already sound like a consecration for Pierre.


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