Kanye West accused of copyright infringement by Ozzy Osbourne and Donna Summer’s heirs


Kanye West accused of copyright infringement by Ozzy Osbourne and Donna Summer’s heirs

After the release of Vultures Vol. 1, Donna Summer’s heirs accused Kanye West of having used a sample of one of her songs without authorization.

The rapper took a version of Donna Summer’s song I Feel Love and inserted it into Good (Don’t Die).

On Donna Summer’s official Instagram page, the artist’s heirs state that Kanye West asked for permission to use the song, but their response was no.

β€œKanye West has asked for permission to use Donna Summer’s song I Feel Loveβ€œ, we read in the post – β€œbut he was denied. She changed the words, made someone sing it again, or used artificial intelligence, but it’s I Feel Love and that’s copyright infringement”.

Also tagged in the post was Sharon Osbourne, who joined her husband Ozzy Osbourne in denouncing Kanye for using an unauthorized sample of a Black Sabbath song.

It all started after the British rock star said he did not want to be associated with West, who has a long history of anti-Semitic comments. Kanye West used a sample of part of a live performance of β€œIron Man” held at the 1983 US Film Festival and included it in the Vultures listening party held in Chicago. And he would have done it even though Ozzy Osbourne had denied him permission.

Sharon Osbourne, whose father Don Arden was Jewish, gave an interview to TMZ, in which she said β€œKanye played with the wrong Jew this time”. She explained that Kanye’s team asked for permission to use the sample three weeks ago, but that her husband, who usually approves of such requests, responded with a firm “absolutely not.” Sharon also said that Kanye “represents hatred” and that he is a “disrespectful anti-Semite” and that therefore Ozzy was right to say no and that the Osbourne family wants nothing to do with Kanye and added: “that son of a bitch is a pig.”

Ozzy Osbourne harshly criticized Kanye West and highlighted the pain he caused the Jewish community.


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