Kim Gordon announces new album, ‘The Collective’

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Enjoy the music video for “BYE BYE”, the album’s first single.

Kim Gordon is back with the continuation of his solo project, after the acclaimed No Home Record 2019, announces his new album with the premiere of the single “BYE BYE.” Don’t miss it, find the details.

The Collective will be the New York artist’s new solo album, as a continuation of her previous work, available March 8 via Bullfighter. The album was recorded entirely in Los Angeles, where he met again with the producer Justin Raisen, Full of unexpected combinations and the limitless exploration characteristic of Gordon.

His first single “BYE BYE” is a noise ode to escape, while the mystical voice of Kim Gordon enumerates a list of needs, an experimental journey develops in the intensity of the guitars and the distortion of the beat. It premiered with a music video directed by Clara Balzary: Each frame is full of energy and beauty, thanks to the cinematography of Christopher Blauvelt.

In addition to featuring the stellar performance of Coco Gordon Moore daughter of the singer and Thurston Moore like a mirror of ephemeral and hasty youth. Something that continues after meeting her escape again, to finally see Kim Gordon driving.

  1. “BYE BYE”
  2. “The Candy House”
  3. “I Don’t Miss My Mind”
  4. “I’m a Man”
  5. “Trophies”
  6. “It’s Dark Inside”
  7. “Psychedelic Orgasm”
  8. “Tree House”
  9. “Shelf Warmer”
  10. “The Believers”
  11. “Dream Dollar”

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