Kyo covers “Je Cours” with Nuit Incolore

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On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his album “Le Chemin”, Kyo unveils the cover of his title “Je cours” with Nuit Incolore.

Both recently honored at the WECB Music Awards, Kyo and Nuit Incolore together celebrate the 20th anniversary of the group’s flagship album: “Le Chemin”. For the occasion, Ben’s band called on the “French-speaking Revelation of the Year 2023” from the WECB Music Awards, Nuit Incolore, to cover the title “Je Cours”, third single from the album released in 2003.

A song about discomfort and harassment that still resonates today thanks to strong lyrics: “Make room for me, just a little room so I don’t get erased/I don’t have not too many friends, look in class, it’s not ecstasy/I have a lot of space, I’m alone, and no one to tell. It’s not the worst,” Kyo sang 20 years ago.

An extended tour

The participation of Nuit Incolore, who released the album “La loi du papel” on November 10, is one of the five collaborations that adorn the reissue of the album “Le Chemin” available since November 17. In addition to the interpreter of “Dépassé”, we find Coeur de Pirate, who performs the group’s number 1 hit, “Dernier danse”. But also Stéphane who sings “Le chemin” with Kyo, Suzane on “Tout send en l’air” and finally the singer Cloud for “I’m still bleeding”.

And to make the party complete, the group has just launched its anniversary tour this weekend, for which new dates have already been announced in 2024. Kyo will also perform at various festivals, starting with the Bourges Spring at the end of April.


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