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Laura Escanes is one of the Spanish queens of social networks. The Catalan is much more than a content creator. In recent years he has proven to be an all-rounder in communication. We have seen her interviewing some of the celebs of the moment on her podcast Between the sky and the clouds and debuting as a presenter on the adventure program The Travessa.

But the thing Don “t stay there. Laura also collaborates with several brands. This Christmas, without going any further, it has launched a solidarity sweatshirt with Amazon on the occasion of the campaign Delivering Smiles. A garment that has the young woman’s signature and whose benefits will go to SOS Children’s Villages to help the families most in need.

To present the sweatshirt and learn more about this initiative, WECB has been with Laura at the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Palace in Madrid where Amazon has set up its own Christmas market. In addition to talking about this action, Laura told us how she is going to spend Christmas, what goals she has in mind for 2024 and how her friend Marta Díaz is feeling after suffering the accident in the Alps.

Laura, you have joined Amazon for this DELIVERING SMILE solidarity campaign, which seeks to help disadvantaged families. How did the proposal come to you?

I am very happy to participate in these campaigns. When there is a supportive background behind it, it is a source of pride for me. We have made a beautiful sweatshirt that part of the sales go to children’s villages to help families who are at risk of exclusion. I am happy to participate. Any little thing we can do, don’t hesitate. Maybe I have followers who are younger and are not as aware of this problem. But if there is a sweatshirt that they like, even aesthetically, and you are helping, then it is like a plus. It makes me happy.

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It’s a bit of the power of fashion

Yes, we can reach more people. In fashion there is a lot of room to do these campaigns.

You were with Marta Díaz in the Alps. She suffered an accident to her leg.

It’s been a bumpy ride. Poor me. They had to operate on him. There we are with the recovery and obviously sending you the encouragement and hugs of the world. All the love.

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Have you recommended any series or anything to do during these recovery days?

I’m going to send you all the TikToks there have been and will be. Anything you can do to entertain yourself. And these dates are very much about being with the family, I’m sure you will be very covered.

Speaking of these holidays, does Rome already know what it wants to ask Santa Claus or the Three Kings?

My daughter is very Bluey. She is four years old. She is in love. She is asking for things. But it is true that she experiences it more as an emotion of seeing Santa Claus. They are like those first Christmases that you are more aware of. The truth is that she makes me very excited.

And are you going to ask for a gift?

Well, I’m not going to ask for anything special. My father asked me the other day what he wanted and I told him I just want to see them. And he’s done. I do not need anything. I have my list with my things. But I don’t usually ask. I’m more of a self-gifter. Things for the house, for decoration… I always try to have something.

When you start seeing decorative things you already know that you have become an adult

Total. By the time you are looking at computers of pans for kitchen cabinets you already know that you have grown up.

I have seen that you have shared Feid’s song on your networks and it has caused a lot of talk.

Yeah? Well look, I haven’t received anything. Well, zero and look what I’m wearing. I just love that song. I love Ferxxo.


take care

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Have you gotten tickets for Karol G?

No. I was in line from the beginning and there was 120,000th in line. I said “this is not going to happen.” I’m not going to get entry. Let’s see if suddenly due to resale or someone who can’t go. But it’s complicated.


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To take stock of this year, what three songs do you keep from 2023?

Wow, how difficult. Look, Qlona by Karol G, which came to me now and I love it. If you are not from Iñigo Quintero. Which for me has been a discovery and I have had it on loop for a long time. And it’s not from now, but any Rihanna. Rihana is always in my top 3 every year. I am a Fan.

This 2023 you have achieved many work challenges, what do you want to do in 2024?

Do things that excite me. That they make me feel alive and encourage me to continue growing. That’s what I think makes us want to keep going. If you stay stagnant, life is boring


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