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Lehmanns Brothers take you to their playground with Playground, a record in which jazz, funk and modern influences dance joyfully.

After a series of delightful EPs, Lehmanns Brothers take the plunge and unveil Playground, their first album. Sun and smiles find their natural habitat in these twelve tracks with warm colors and an unwavering groove. If good humor is displayed, evolution will undoubtedly not take place. It’s a feeling that inhabits the making of this record, made by young adults who remembered the exultation of high school students playing together.

Thus, Playground exudes youth, present as well on the lilting “Trinity” and its nursery rhyme-like chorus as on the gently insolent “Double Spiral” and its poetic phrasing. On this youthful essence, the musicians take an adult look, expressed through the instrumental mastery they demonstrate, experienced during the numerous concerts given by the Lehmanns Brothers. A feeling of spontaneity is thus intertwined with palpable talent.

If jazz and funk have been explored for decades, the quintet’s perspective is both new and respectful. Far from the usual standards, the compositions are personal and reflect an atmosphere that is both popular and sought-after. Nevertheless, the team invites various modern influences into its playing field, bordering on hip hop and certain hypnotic electronic loops. These contemporary spices are expertly dosed, so as to be jazzy, without making people talk.

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Playground is available

Here is the tracklist:

  1. Playground – Intro
  2. Bright Days
  3. Trinity
  4. Open Your Heart
  5. Follow into the Wild
  6. Double Spiral
  7. Playing – Interlude
  8. Old Souls
  9. Lookalike
  10. Millennium
  11. It’s Only Fair
  12. Playground – Outro

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