Lil Nas X announces new musical era with a video written and directed by him

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Lil Nas X is now ready to release new material. The American rapper surprised the world in 2021 with his acclaimed album Huntsmanleaving us speechless with great songs like Industry Baby either Call Me By Your Name. Two great songs that were also accompanied by two video clips that gave a lot to talk about.

But his fans, after almost three years without releasing new material, are looking forward to 2024 so they can hear new songs from the rapper. And during all this time, the young man has only released the song Star Walkin for League Of Legends in 2022. Another hit that fans of the video game fell in love with. Of course, he has not been quiet, and he has been on tour all over the world. But it’s time to listen to new material, and it looks like it’s going to be soon!

Lil Nas X has taken to Twitter to confirm that he is working on new music. The best of all? That we will be able to hear it soon. “I wrote and directed my own music video for the first time. I’m excited for you to see it. It’s the best thing I’ve done so far!”, the singer has written. And this is said by a person who left us speechless when he launched Montero with a music video where he recreated heaven and hell. If he went down from one side to the other on a pole bar. I mean, what is he going to surprise us with now?

The only clue we have about this new single are the emojis that Lil Nas X puts at the end. A church, a dove and a heart. And the singer’s theme is always closely linked to religion, sins and that liberation from guilt.

It seems that Lil Nas X is coming with a new era full of surprises. And the rapper will never stop surprising us.


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