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“My wish is that people see the video and enjoy the art and the mystery. I hope that the viewer feels the vulnerability and curiosity that we capture”, Inga Petry.

MGMT returns with a second single, “Nothing To Declare”, from his next album Loss of Lifewhich is scheduled for February 23rd via MOM + POP. “Nothing To Declare” It is a piece with a calm rhythm at first, but over the seconds it takes on the band’s characteristic rhythm, which will automatically conquer your ear. Accompanied by a video directed by Joey Frank and starring Inga Petrya philosophy and pre-law student at University of Pittsburgh who uses her growing social media platform to raise awareness for people with disabilities. In the video, the camera follows petrywho was born with aplasia of the upper extremities, while traveling through Paris to reach the iconic sculpture of the Venus de Milo in it Louvre.

About the concept of the video frank I comment:

When I saw Inga for the first time in TikTok, I imagined her as the protagonist of a foreign film. A certain type of European independent cinema of the 90s, typified by the brothers Dardennealways follows a person navigating through life. Inga she has been without arms her entire life, which lends a different kind of vulnerability to the simple narrative of a self-possessed young woman traveling from Pittsburgh to Paris. In real life, Inga is put online in a very candid way in TikTokbut the music video for MGMTNothing to Declare’ “plays with the aesthetics of independent cinema to allow the audience a different kind of emotional fictional space with Inga as the ingenue.”

“Nothing To Declare”is one more gem in the career of MGMTthis band formed in 2002. Since their debut with the album Oracular Spectaculargot a nomination for the Grammy in 2007; without leaving behind his most viral success “Little Dark Age”with which the band generated approximately 5 million fans during the pandemic, becoming the third most streamed of all time behind “Electric Feel” and “Kids.” We have never doubted the talent and impact of MGMT, but without a doubt with this little song they have touched very sensitive fibers that will capture the attention of many. So, we leave you the video, enjoy it and don’t forget to download “Nothing To Declare”, which is now ready on all digital platforms. Press play!


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