Lola Ídigo clarifies the theory that unites the song ‘I have a boyfriend’ with ‘Temptation Island’

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Lola Indigo has been in the news again this week for a theory that directly links her to one of the tempters of The Island of Temptations. After the premiere of the seventh edition of the Telecinco program, many noticed Sergio, a young farmer from Huétor (Granada), who introduced himself with the following words:

“I am Sergio and I am a farmer. One of those men who no longer exist. This good-natured face doesn’t define me. “Here I come to find love and one of you is coming with me on the tractor.”

These words caught the attention of Lola’s fans, who had noticed that the musical star said something similar in her song with La Zowi in GRX: I have a boyfriend. The singer, when she listed the hookups she had for every day of the week, she mentioned a very similar profile: “The one on Friday, farmer, we do it on the tractor.”

In fact, Lola and Sergio know each other from the town and get along well, as we have seen photos they shared in the past. Of course, it does not mean that they have had more than a friendship.

Lola Indigo clarifies the theory

Lola, who is always very active with her followers on social networks, when Sergio appeared on the program, she laughed at this theory. He even clarified that they knew each other from the same town. ANDSo yes, at no time did he say that what he says in the song “I have a boyfriend” was real.

A week later, this same Thursday, January 18, Lola took to Twitter again to make it clear that not everything that appears in that song is true. With a great sense of humor, the GRX interpreter has written the following: “If I slept with everyone in I have a boyfriend, let’s start looking for the firefighter who made me pout, please”

Be that as it may, I have a boyfriend has become one of the favorite songs of Lola Índigo fans from her GRX era. And it is a super fun and danceable song.


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